10 Desi Things Pakistani Boys Do Commonly

If you are a boy and particularly a Pakistani boy then you must have experienced your years growing up in a desi household where you have a loving mother and a strict father to deal with apart from all other happenings. But there is more into it; you have some of the habits and activities which every other Pakistani boy can relate to. Here below we have some of the commonly done things by the Pakistani boys which only they can understand that why and for what they do it. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. They study one night before exam!

Pakistani boys waste whole year in doing extreme lame things. They never bother to open their books unless they want a peaceful sleep. But when it comes to exam next day, they get a super natural power to learn entire book in just one night. Never underestimate the power of a common Pakistani boy because he knows how to pass an exam by learning one night before it.


  1. They go to restroom during papers just to cheat

Yes, the biggest secret of their super natural power to pass the exam after studying for straight one night is revealed. Pakistani boys hide their books in the washrooms just so they can go back and cheat during the paper. Want to know more? They will be having two cell phones in their pockets just so they can give one to the invigilator while going out and cheat with the other. Puff..resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-meme-generator-i-don-t-always-need-to-go-to-the-school-bathroom-but-when-i-do-it-s-during-a-final-exam-3749f9

  1. They can skip all five prayers but not Jummah!

A Pakistani boy never compromises when it comes to jummah prayer. Or maybe it’s the fear of their parents which pushes them to perform jummah prayer by going into Mosques. Whatever it is, they love to wear kurta shalwar and to pour tons of perfumes before they leave.


  1. They have bundle of fake ids

Seriously boys, why do you do that? Behind all the ‘Pwincesses and Mano Billis’ on facebook and various other social networking sites, there is a boy handling that account just to make friends with other females and he end up falling in love with another dude who is up to the same activity. Sighs! They must put this thing in their mind that what goes around comes around!


  1. They never say ‘Never’ to anything

No matter how big or small task they are assigned they never say they can’t do it. That’s another thing if they are not in mood they will not do it for Earth’s cost. But Pakistani boys always offer their services whenever required. From giving pick and drop to their aunts and uncles to fill up the tank with water, they will do anything to impress their lads.


  1. They are always in mood to hit on a girl!

Pakistani boys never miss a chance to flirt. They are keen to show their likeness to a girl by dropping them compliments and pick-up lines which they do it as a religious duty. Be it their classmate or a cousin, they tend to hit on them at least for once. They can go far off for doing this. For instance, some boys grow beard just to make girls drool over it.


  1. They make perfect Bbq for party night!

One thing Pakistani boys are so good at is their ability to cook delicious barbecue. Even if they don’t know the basics of cooking they are expert in making mouth watering tikkas and seekh kebabs and whenever it’s a friends or family get-to-gather they make sure to brag about their cooking skills.


  1. They are super possessive for their wives!

Don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but Pakistani boys/men are so conservative when it is about their wives. They tend to be over protected for their wives and family and behave like a typical desi man in this matter. They feel insecure if any other male interacts with their wives. Is it because they are males themselves and know what other male holds for a female in their minds and hearts?  Probably!


Wait! Who is this?


  1. They are annoying for their sisters

Ask from any girl with a brother if her bro doesn’t annoy her and she will give you a big NO because boys are so annoying for their sisters. They enjoy teasing their sisters by calling them with weird names and by doing exactly the opposite thing as they are told. Is it just a way of showing their love for sisters? Come on you can show it hundred times better by just taking care of them and by bringing their favorite food.


  1. Married Pakistani boys; the poorest souls on Earth!

Not sure why but Pakistani boys show up to be the helpless creatures of the universe after they get married. They always pretend as if they are living a creepiest, miserable married life and are often seen suggesting other boys not to get married. Why in the world would you do that boys, why?



Feels familiar? Yes because this is an abstract of a Pakistani boy’s life. Share if you are a proud Pakistani boy.


Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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