13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional (Part 1)

13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional (Part 1)

Do you want your content to be interesting enough to be read? Is your content being rejected even after being a well-researched document? Are you working hard but not smart? Enough with the questions. You must have got the point of questionnaire. You’ll get your answer today. I assure you it will be worth your time.

Here, I am going to reveal to my most respectable readers the secret to a good content.

No more hard struggle but a smarter one because you will be smarter now.

  1. Rule In Business:

In entrepreneurship, the product is wholly based on want as well as need of consumer. It is about what the consumer likes, not the producer’s ideas and likes. So, ask yourself what you like to read most? What kind of content? And what length of the article you prefer?

Mostly motivational stuff is working a lot in the market as well as tips and tricks to an easier life. Length is mostly 500-1000 words. People usually face shortage of time. So, considering the fact, longer content is produced only when required.

  1. Secret of story-telling:

Why conversational style is so much in demand? Just because it brings life to the content and a sense of trust is generated between reader and writer. It is like having a one-to-one conversation though reader is only a listener but he is valued more than that.

Research tells us that man is attracted by stories where everything is linked up rather that unrelated material. They are easy to be memorized. But don’t make your content a complete short story.


  1. Create a mystery in the first paragraph:

Mystery as well as a clear idea about your article needs to be created in beginning lines or paragraphs. Curiosity is what can drive readers to ask for more of the flavor.

  1. Unique Content:

Unique content is much in demand yet I needs to be current and up-to-date as well. Content is made unique by the writer’s choice of words, style of expression and way of connecting with the reader. It is the writer who makes irrelevant and non-relatable information and stories more personal and effective. They make it appear important to be read.

  1. Catchy headlines:

Headlines should be attractive, catchy and trendy. You can put up some questions in them for example “What makes a perfect relationship?”. Listicles are catchy too for example, “10 tips for Beautiful You”. Mystery can be created with titles like “How I survived hunger or truth?” and so on.

Headline needs power words and new words in which emotions and intellect is combined. You can use “headline analyzer” to get your headlines better.

  1. Choice of Topic:

Topic should be unique yet trendy. Uniqueness is what makes you stand out. For example “Facebook: A good book” verses “Clinging to my imperfections”. We all are well familiar what we are going to get attracted to. Either it is relatable or useful (part of reality) or else it is critical or controversial.

7 more are remaining, it has not ended here. I have split it into two so that it maybe feasible for everyone to read it in shorter parts as it’s a common phrase “DIVIDE AND RULE”.

13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional (Part 2)

Najat Vallaud Belkacem
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