13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional (Part 2)

13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional

(We hope you read the part 1 of this series if not then read it out go to bottom and click on the link)

In Part two, I will continue to reveal to you the secrets behind a producing perfect content. Do read the previous article to get familiar with essentials of a good content.Here is a flowchart which I found quite helpful to explain few important aspects of creating good content. Do visit the page to go through whole tips and tricks on it.



  1. Research but how much?

Research your topic well enough and get your ideas clear about every aspect of your topic. Not being clear and merely rephrasing content wouldn’t help you create a better content. Without research, just giving your point of view about everything will make it unreliable, controversial and of no value.

Know your topic well so that you can balance the amount of research in your article. If you will be making it stuffed with research without relating it to life, you will only be writing a research paper or an encyclopedia which interests few of the readers. So, maintain a balance between research, fun and life.

Creating relationships between different aspects or creating a little fun will make it interesting and keep the readers from getting bored.

  1. Keep it simple and fun:

Complicating things works only in science, astronomy and history. Being too much of a philosopher about life or being judgmental will not be giving a good impression.

If its news, you may show one side of things, create controversy and criticize to make your content readable. Be one, positive or negative, with your topic.

Add humor and be simple in your expressions so that more people are able to get connected with you. Why humor? Because humor is an aspect of intellect, its not easy to be created in critical situations.

  1. Conversational Style:

Every freelancer wants to get hired but are you having the essential conversational style in you?

Conversational style will help reader connect with the writer beyond the content. Make them feel loved, respected and that you are trying to help.

If you succeed, the world is yours.

  1. Bullet points and headings:

They make it more clear to the reader what the content is about and can decide whether they are interested or not. It will take less of their time but convey them more of the information. And it reflects clarity of idea of the writer as well which presents a better outlook to the readers.

  1. Create happiness and life:

Don’t just create content, create happiness and life out of your content. Connect words to life and add another factor of bliss and sense of fulfillment for the reader. More than a dried, dreary and boring content, it needs to be interesting. It can only happen if you related it to reality one way or the other. If your content is giving something to the reader as if extending a helping hand, it can leave the reader happy and content.


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  1. Effect of Quotations:

Don’t forget your ancestors and leaders; add some of their quotes if required. Quotations always add something to reader’s life. They are the tersest expression of your whole story or article often-times. They give the crux of your words to the reader in fewest possible words. Secondly, they add to the reliability as well as dexterity of the writer.

  1. Conclusions:

Let your reader draw conclusions, instead of spoon-feeding them with your content. Instead of being too biased and judgmental, let people conclude your words their own ways and tell you what they think in comments. Remember, there’s always room for improvement. So, don’t fret over concluding it completely, readers may now be given a chance to reflect upon your ideas, suggestions and descriptions.

Best of luck to all content-writers out there! Hope it helps new comers as well as the experts. Your suggestions are welcomed and I would love to hear your ideas of producing a better content.


13 Rules to Making your Content Exceptional (Part 1)


Article by Samina Fazal

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