25 + and not Married?? :O

Ever thought of getting a prince charming, a favorite fictional character or a dreamy handsome character in your real life ?? sorry! If you want it … hmmm you are not Snow white, Cindrella , or any other fictional character by yourself. What a normal idea being trusted by getting someone who is ideal? Full of romance? Having those adoring eyes and attractive personality ???ever thought??
Yes! Might A country like ours, social media …television a vital role in thrusting our little girls in the world of dreams… where no matter what will get a very HAPPY ENDING! Real life my dear is pathetically different. Have you ever seen some ugly princess and getting a charming hero? Faena is through an exceptional case 😀 she got an ogre because of her personality and had to live in a small cottage. Princesses do not live in cottages as they marry a princess of another state.
If you want to marry.. you should possess an idea weight. Ideal height, Complexion fair… a complete package no matter what. Or else the larkay wala will refuse you like you are a worthless, non-existent personality on earth.
Saira , a 26 years old, doing her MS nowadays .. sitting on a couch munching her favorite cookies on the table. Besides her on the table her coffee mug and few notes being scattered dived in reading without noticing her messy hair bun. Few unknown aunties with her mother entered her room. “ ahha! So this is your daughter I guess? ( Her mother frowned may be because of the plight she was in. )Saira hastedlity cleaned up her messy room and made space for the groovy aunties. And well the very old formal discussion about managing household kinda things started. A few days later Saira”s family received the rejection call as she was over educated for them what all they demanded was a typical fair complexion girl busy in chores of any sort.
Well, Saira is not alone in our society who’s being underestimated for the matrimonial issues but many other girls whose their families wanna to get married still sitting at their homes and doing nothing except waiting for their prince charming. Age the main factor plays another role here. “Look at you! sounds like too old beta…when you are getting marrired? ahhh! Kch nai rakha parhiyae vahi main Ghardari seeko! (now the education at this stage isn’t necessary., do learn some house hold cores ) Oh yeah aunty you need a servant or a daughter in law? This is 21st century ..the age..the salika ..seriously?? really matters??
A huge pressure from your family and relatives will haunt your lives forever like getting not married a nightmare for many. Regretfully speaking if a girl herself got engaged will start pointing others for why they are not getting married and will give them their so called sincere advices. (hum tu doobae hin sanam .. tm ko bhi la dooboe gyein) seriously, the auties will shower their old fashioned tootkas for getting a flawless skin to attract a well-off lad but will never be agreed to make them their own daughters in law. (if any aunty like this encounters … say, “ kya karon aunty… apka beta manta h nai hai “  ) this will give definitely give them a shock 😀
In short do not dip yourself in haldi badam paste and torture your skin. Do not go excessive diet plans and in return weakning your immune system. No need to buy an expensive heel to look 4 inch taller than your real height. Ever tried? No need girls. You are all beautiful in the skin you are in or the weight you carry. Make yourself well educated and invest in your grooming rather than old-age taboos. Sorry to say it’s we who feed their appetite what if we don’t? Maybe will feel a difference in other gender too.
If it is going to happen believe me it will! sooner or later whatever the age you possess !
Don’t get married just because your best friend got married..or your first cousin gets engaged.. Marry , when you are ready ..not when your age exceeds or what ever!
Take a chill pill … enjoy independent life !
Stay blessed and happy girls !

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