Its all about right eating: Prevent eating disorders

Eating disorders cause serious health concerns for teens and children. Being a parent, you should have to be concern about the eating disorders because you might need to prevent your child by using best strategies. Eating disorders have a distressing effect on teens and girls are more affected by this. The possible reasons and causes for eating disorders must be determined. Being an adult, you must know that how you have to schedule the eating habits of your child.

Why teens develop eating disorders?

It is a serious condition which has an adverse impact on the health, functions of the body and the emotions of an individual. Many people also develop psychological problems. Do remember that the changes in eating habits can lead to life-threatening situations. Even doctors do not find the real cause of disorders but they suspect that behavioral, social and biological factors. Many teens struggle with one or more problems like

  • Low self-esteem
  • Helplessness
  • Distress
  • Fear of Overweight

They may also develop some psychiatric problem like

  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety disorders

Types of eating disorder

There are three types of disorder which are very common and are categorized as follows

  • Bulimia

It is a condition when a child starts overeating then eliminates the food by using laxatives or vomiting

Chidlren are afraid of being fat

Children are afraid of being fat

so that he/she should not gain weight.

  • Anorexia

It is a situation when a child does not intake a proper amount of calories or food because of the fear of getting fat.

  • Binge eating

It is a condition when a child or a teen eat large amount rapidly. These disorders mostly happen in the early adulthood or during adolescence. Some kids start developing the disorders, but females are more at risk. Almost 5 to 15 percent of the male are found with bulimia and anorexia while 35 percent make found with binge eating.


To prevent the eating disorders you have to talk to your son or daughter about these habits. However it may feel difficult but it is an important issue which cannot be ignored.

Healthy body: you must have to discuss with your teen about the self-image of the healthy body. Tell them the negative impact of the nicknames or jokes made on the physical appearance of a person. They should avoid making fun or comments on the other person body or weight.

Eat right

Healthy eating: you have to guide your teen about the diet they take. Tell them the effect of bad or junk food on their health and energy level. Healthy food will make your appearance as well as boosts your energy. So whenever your child feels hungry than guide them to eat a diet which will be full of nourishment. They must have to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and meat instead of packed foods like chips, sodas or candies.

Share the dangers: you must guide your child while explaining that improper diet without the concern of any health care professional will lead to a severe health condition. Your child will lack nutrition as well as growth. If you feel that your child is coping with the emotions by controlling or eating too much, then this is not the right way. Your kid needs proper attention or counselor. They should talk to their friend’s or loved ones by sharing the problems they are facing.

Seek help for your child

Being a parent or a counselor, if you find that your child has an eating disorder then discuss the problem with him/her. Encourage your child to share the problems or any matter. The regular medical checkup is also very necessary. The dietitian will tell the risk of an eating disorder by conducting some medical tests. Treatment is essential whether you try a family therapy or arrange a counseling session for your teen. The primary focus must help your child to improve the eating habits. Some doctors will often prescribe the medications to get rid of anxiety, depression or any mental condition. No matter what the treatment plan doctor suggests, early intervention is best for a speedy recovery.

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