5 Life-Changing Tips on “The Art of Letting Go”



We all learn through our personal experiences and we all have definitely learned some tricks and secrets of dealing with challenging situations.Are you familiar with these simple tricks of “Letting Go”?

Firstly, we have to understand the fact that “letting go” is not about escaping the situation. It is about facing it or rather more precisely accepting it courageously without letting yourself down.

It’s a well-known expression of Buddha,

“We only lose what we cling to”

It is important for us to learn to let go what has gone and own what we have been left with.

Self-help books are great partners in times of distress and despair. They lift you up long before you even fall. I, personally have learnt few unforgettably amazing tricks from life of successful people and self-help books.

One request before I share them with you is that instead of just reading them, learn them and try them.  They will definitely change your life in certain ways.

  1. Self-assessment:

I learned the art from Anthony Robbins who emphasizes on self-assessment and self-awareness.


Mindfulness or self-awareness helps us to focus on the present moment. Though it is hard yet it is achievable if you begin to rejoice in the beauties surrounding you and be passionate about what you do.


Self-assessment brings realization of your own short-comings. It also helps in a better and firmer self-control. Thus, it does the cleaning on the inside and help you let go the heavy past to a great extent.


  1. Get excited:


It’s again an excellent trick I learnt from Anthony Robbins’s book “Unleash the Giant Within”. Rather it’s a great secret of my being fearless and taking chances in life.


When you are worried about a violent reaction of a person or outcome of a situation or mistake that you’ve made, tell yourself,


“I am excited to see how it is going to turn out. Let’s face it. There’s going to be fun.”


Excitement and energy that you generate leaves lesser impact of overwhelming situations on you. Often, we waste our energy in worrying for no reason so this directing of energy positively helps one to deal with situations more positively.


It will help you let go all the rejections and negativity more quickly.


  1. Best revenge:


The best revenge for your enemies is Smile. Believe me, your happiness kills them.


Your adversaries will want to have you again in their team. Don’t show them that you are bothered by their criticism and spite.


Love your enemies a little more, they really need it. We humans are attracted by what we lack in. Revenge or hate won’t work; they already have enough of aggression and harshness.


Ignore those acts of meanness; they are just unaware of what havoc they are creating. They need your love and happiness to bring back their faith in humanity.


Even if they don’t change their ways, don’t lower you level for them. Be generous. Forgive and Forget.



  1. Flushing anger:

This is really interesting. As management of emotions is important in our personal and professional lives we need to be aware of our emotions too. Anger is hard to control and it leads to most foolish and irrational acts of destruction.

Anger is backed up by sadness and helplessness at a given situation.

I learnt a trick from a book “Self-help: Path to Healing” by Shanika Moran. Write it out on paper and flush it down the toilet or burn it or tear it apart. It is like you reduce that negativity to a zero and are not allowing them to control you.

You will let out your emotions instead of burying them in your heart or harming others. It will feel like telling your secrets to the wind and letting the wind carry them to the farthest lands.


  1. Power of Optimism:


Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” reveals the great law of attraction working in the universe. It says “you attract what you think”.


Optimistic people attract and generate ideas, hope, creativity, solutions and opportunities in life.


Optimists attract the best because of their faith in “getting answered”. They do not let themselves stagnate by being burdened under negative emotions and regrets of the past.


Optimists believe in progress. They do not dwell in the past. They attract not only opportunities but also people in distress.


Believe me, It is really hard to murder the faith or hope of a strong optimist. For they only attract positivity and let negativity die down then and there.


So think positive and Be positive which is a key to a happier life.


Written by: Samina Fazal

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