Say hi to Jelly flower glossy pouts: Jelly Lipstick

A great news for the lipstick lovers. These jelly lipsticks are getting viral and have made a thrilling change in the world of cosmetics. The girls have gone crazy after its first launch because they have fallen in love with the new jelly lipstick which is in trend. The lipstick is known for its pure magic beauty introduced by the Kailijumei brand. It is filled with crystal clear jelly and have a catchy look. However the variations and innovations of the jelly lipstick is filled with gold specks and a tiny micro flower is placed in the center. The inspiration of the beauty product is taken from the famous animated movie Beauty and the Beast in which a rose was encased in a glass. So the lipstick of your dreams is actually available now.

jelly 4

                                                      Beauty and the Beast encased flower Jelly lipstick

Why it is the best and most demanding lipstick of 2016?

  • The appearance of the lipstick is mesmerizing
  • The colors are very pretty
  • It will give glossy tint to the lips
  • It keeps on changing the color according to the body temperature

That’s all the girls actually seek in the lipstick.

Brand of jelly lipstick

The brand of the jelly lipstick have gained popularity and earned a great revenue right after launch of the beauty product. It is a China brand, who sold all its first stock with a retail price of $30 but now it is available on eBay with a discount price of $4.

Take a look at the pictures or order yours now.

jelly1  jelly5



By: Faryal Nadeem



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