The Need Of Career Counselling In Pakistan

“Career counseling” a term which is heard by many of us but what is its actual meaning and where it can be applied is not known by all of us. Some of us knew it because we are graduated but what about those students who are in school. Will they able to answer you when you asked them what is career counseling? Here referring to schools I am pointing towards the Pakistani schools. There are schools whose students perfectly know this term and they are actually applying it in their lives. But these schools are not in Pakistan. Yes, I am referring to schools in the western world. Before going deep into the discussion of career counseling, its uses and advantages we have to understand what is meant by career counseling?

Career counseling is a process which helps you to make right decisions with your education and life. It helps you to make the right kind of choice while picking up any field that will help you in your future. It also makes sure that you are investing your time and energy in the right thing. While strengthening your power of decision related to your education it gives you a peace of mind that you are going right in the pursue f your goals.


So have you ever experienced any kind of thing related to this in our lives? Definitely not because this process is totally unknown to the schools of Pakistan. Students are forced to study what they even don’t want to study. A child who is very skilled in arts is studying sciences. Why because he is left with no choice. He even doesn’t know where to go to follow his passion. And here we have another side of the story. A student who is graduated with a business degree in his hands doesn’t know what to do now. Because he studied it not because of his passion but he followed a crowd without knowing the practical importance or its actual use in the market. May be this student can be a good painter or a fashion designer or a chef. But these fields are not worth working for in our society. Nobody told him to follow his passion to do what he likes. This is where we need a good career counselor.



Advantages of career counseling

There are countless benefits of career counseling and these can help you throughout your life. Once you made a decision with the help of a good career counselor it will guide you in many ways.

·         An aptitude test will definitely helps you to find the right direction in your life. It will bring out your inner skills and capability that is unknown to you.

·         When you will be aware of your interest and capabilities then you can be able to select the right field in education. This will not only make your education life a fun but it will also lead you in the right direction.

·         Choosing the right field of education will automatically help you to set your goals. When you will have a clear goal you will invest your hard work and energy in the right thing.

These are the only some general points regarding career counseling. But there are a number of things that are related to it. There are many good aspects which are not known. When everybody will do the work that will please him and will go in the field related to its work only then we will be able to create a peaceful society. It’s not easy to change an old regular practice but all we can do is to take an initiative. Just to make the students realize their right kind of interests.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen





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    Very good but some more explanation was necessary.

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