The True Spirit of Our Independence Day!

14th August is marked as the independence day of Pakistan. It is when our forefathers laid their lives to get a country which would be a purely Islamic state and even today we celebrate this day with all the zeal and zest that we have.
Yeah, we do put flags of all sizes in our roof tops and car roofs. We do wear green and white dresses with resemblance to our Pakistani flags. We do remove silencers from our bikes and ride them all over the streets. We do arrange fireworks and for that we do not hesitate to waste thousands of rupees. We do reserve our seats beforehand to watch the live parades. We do go for long drives having amplifiers on and a Hindi song playing on it. We decorate our houses and offices with balloons and ribbons along with national flags because nobody is as patriotic as we are. Those who do not do this, they spend their holiday watching dramas, telefilms and songs that are basically made to give tribute to the martyrs of nation.

The Reality Check!

Do you really think this is how it should be? Should this be the way to celebrate our National Independence Day? You think this is the only way to show your loyalty towards the country? Hoisting of flags all over the country, emotional speeches and enthusiastic songs that are it? Never mind, everyone is up to this so why you should not.
I am sure most of you people wouldn’t know the real meaning of white and green color that is present in our flag. Not even this that both of these colors are Pakistan’s official colors. Where white symbolizes peace and green is the representative of fortune and prosperity. Oh well, now you know!
Now did you know that what is the meaning of ‘Pakistan’? No? Not even that?
Well Pakistan is a combination of two words “Pak” means pious/sacred and “stan” means homeland. I have just told you and now you can ask the same question to your friends because now it’s time to show off as a proud patriotic Pakistani.

Real patriotism is not in emotionalism. It is when you are willing to do anything selflessly which is purely for the betterment of country and its citizens. It is when you put other fellow Pakistanis before your own wishes. It is when you chose the same for your brother as you wish for own self. It is when you realize the importance of freedom and its price that our ancestors have paid. It is when you become honest in whatever the duty you are doing. It is when you become responsible for your deeds. It is when you believe in Equality and Justice. It is when you get united and become one nation, one heart, one soul. And it is when you bleed Green because that’s what we have got Pakistan for.
Take an oath this Independence Day that you will put effort in being a true Pakistani and you will do something selflessly for your country at least once in your life so the world would recognize us and give us the respect that we deserve.
Jashan e Azadi Mubarak to all Pakistanis.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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