Can Computers Think or Not?

       “Before the next century is over, human beings will no longer be the most intelligent or capable type of entity on the planet. The truth of that last statement depends on how we define human”.

                                                                                       Ray Kurzweil

                                                                                     The age of spiritual machines

 ithinker_chin1-e1288841334610What is Consciousness?

The word is originally has been derived from a Latin word meaning “knowing with” which translates as “knowing with oneself.”  It is a so-called mind-body problem which unites the processes of mind and the cognitive processes of conscious experience. It is a very broader discipline which can be defined in a variety of ways. “Consciousness” can be referred as the state of awareness when one wake up in the morning does all the work and goes to sleep or into a coma or dies. Otherwise, it is the state of being “unconscious.” It is a universal, objective form of behavior and something controlled by the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry. Consciousness is originated or being developed by the various parts of the brain. It is a very vast and wide phenomenon.

Machine consciousness (MC):-

Machine consciousness is also known as ARTIFICIAL CONSCIOUSNESS (AC), SYNTHETIC CONSCIOUSNESS or ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI).it is a field related to AC or cognitive robotics. Machine consciousness refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with it interacts, or we can say the ability to feel experience and awareness. Defining consciousness as awareness of your awareness or imagine the machine having the capability to “think and invent” not only perform such tasks which are programmed to do such as calculate, store and retrieve. Any machine acceptable simulated a human brain would have to produce that actions.

Discovery in Machine Consciousness

Freud was the first to visualize “neural-net-like” machines. Later, the astonishing insights of Post, Gödel, and Turing, McCulloch, and Pitts, and Grey Walter’s discovered simple life- mini-robots. However, leading progress began in the 1950s when more models were invented, experienced, and discarded in days or weeks. Shortly researchers in Artificial Intelligence discovered a variety of ways in which machines can perform multiple tasks such as pattern identification, learning, problem-solving, game-playing, induction and simplification, and language manipulation but still it can be shown or solve problems which are programmed.

Concept of consciousness:-

The idea of knowledge came from an ancient mythology theme. In a Greek myth Pygmalion, a sculptor carved a women statue, and it was so beautiful that he wanted it to get alive and magically somehow that happened, and the statue which was made up of clay got feelings, emotions, and ability to think.

Why people think computers can`t think?

As the computer is doing all the tasks as the human do or all the superficial imitation is being done by the machine of human intelligence. Machines have been designed to follow some instructions and some simple commands. Programs composed of these commands and computer has to follow these instructions provided but without any idea of what’s happening. When computers first appeared they were designed to perform huge and mindless computation that’s why these machines were named as COMPUTERS. Alan Turing envisioned a concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE or “AI” which says computers can perform many other tasks beyond arithmetic calculations and can imitate the processes of human minds.

Self conscious computers:-

Computers are improving at an astonishing rate and are developing, operating things at a very fast speed, having significant memories. The software programmers are also creating arrays of tough tasks. We all know that a computer is a machine which follows some instructions however how dump the instructions would be? It is a machine that has been ai-sitting-downdesigned to perform some tasks, but It does not introduce or come up with its new ideas or creativity hence we can say that self-conscious computers with the ability to introduce their ideas cannot exist.

It is some day possible programs will become so involved so all purposes and intents will appear that computers are actually “thinking”. This “thinking” process will soon develop

to a point where computers can be known as self-aware machines, but the ability of thinking on the human minds is not and can never be possible.

Is it possible to program a computer as a self-conscious machine? Mostly the answer from the experts or users will be “NO”. If we answer computers are more capable in principles and better consciousness than people occupy. Once we understand to make machines smart enough by complex programs, then there would be no problem for computers for giving them the “self-insight” so they would need to understand, improve themselves and change. It is the only way to make computers smarter to be self-conscious and to undertake more important, difficult tasks to be insight on its abilities. If we want it to be more versatile to solve new kinds of problems it may need to understand to solve easier problems first.

Machines are more potentially conscious than humans, and further development would be easier with human minds, but this does not mean that computers are more intelligent. They can be possibly taken as a vis-à-vis animals. Yes, these robots are ingenious and don’t have an essential spark of life on biology.



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