Five year old Pakistani boy becomes youngest Microsoft Professional

It’s really okay if the only thing you were doing at the age of five years, was eating mud. I, probably was doing the same. However kids today have become so much more intelligent and achieving so much in such young ages. In September 2014, Ayan Qureshi, a Pakistani boy, five years in age, became the world’s youngest Microsoft Professional.

Youngest Microsoft Professional

Ayan was born in Lahore in Pakistan. In 2009, when he was around a year old, his family moved from Pakistan to England. He was a student of Clifford Bridge Primary School, Coventry. At a very early age of three years Ayan began to show interest in computers and gadgets. His father, who himself works in the IT industry, tells that Ayan used to sit next to me and very carefully watch me working. Hence he started explaining him basics of hardware and software as well as things like how to turn on or turn off a computer, how to access the control panel, how to install programmes, and Windows, etc. According to Ayan’s father, Ayan enjoyed playing computer games like other kids but was more interested about how they work. Soon enough, Ayan’s father began to realize his son’s aptitude and interest for technology.

A very supportive dad

In order to nurture his son’s interest, Ayan’s father built a computer lab for him at their home. And let him play with his old computers, so he could understand hard drives and motherboards. Ayan spent around two hours a day learning about the operating system and how to install programmes. He picked up very quickly whatever his father taught him. Ayan enjoyed spending time in his lab and soon setup a computer network in his lab at home.

On 27th September 2014, in Birmingham, England Conference Center, Ayan took the Microsoft Professional Certification exam. The invigilators were concerned to see a boy as young as five year old wishing to take the exam. This test is composed of fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions and several questions based on the given scenario. It is usually taken by young adults who want to enter the tech industry. Ayan secured 700 out of 1000 in the test, the minimum score required to pass it.

Youngest Microsoft Professional

By clearing the exam, Ayan has bagged the label of being youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, which is a huge achievement. And being a Pakistani, has made us all proud. There is plenty of talent and aptitude in the people of Pakistan that needs to be explored.

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