What does TECTIQS mean to IQRA?

What does TECTIQS mean to IQRA?

The Fall Semester of the Academic year 2017 is drawing to a close, and as it ends many institutions are preparing to mark it’s passing with events and festivals. We in IQRA University Islamabad are also gearing up for our Signature event i.e. “TECTIQS”. Students who have been a part of the University competitions scene for the last few years may already know of Tectiqs from competing in its many events; but what about the uninitiated? Well no worries we’ll bring you up-to speed RIGHT NOW! TECTIQS is a festive set of Inter-varsity and inter-student competitions held across a wide variety disciplines and occurring over the course of a few days. It is held every December in Iqra University Islamabad Campus and organized by our enthusiastic student body itself. So far so good? Okay But TECTIQS is more than just any other student centered event or competition. TECTIQS in IQRA means a time to live the values that our institution stands for and its members hold dear. These values are Diversity, Determination and Competition. Be they students, alumni, faculty or management all of us hold these values in high regard. In TECTIQS we don’t just tolerate Diversity we embrace it. This is apparent by the sheer variety of events in Tectiqs. There are events that appeal to every kind of personality and skill-set. Here one can find the Deliberation of Engineers, the Analytics of Computer Scientists, the Creativity of the Fine- Artists, the Vigour of Sportsmen, the Intensity of E-sportsmen and the Challenges of Entrepreneurs all rubbing shoulders with one another. And in these events we foster Competition by inviting highly skilled participants and ensuring an air of impartial and fair judging. To win here is no easy matter, and this brings us to the last of our values trinity i.e. Determination. In IQRA we know that determination is the foundation for success. Therefore we incorporate it into ourselves by constantly challenging ourselves and where better then Tectiqs where hard-core competitors come from far and wide. So that’s all about TECTIQS and its importance to us. Do come and join us won’t you.

By Tectiqs Team: Malik Osama Rabbani

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