5 Things Youth Doesn’t Know About Mamnoon Hussain

“Who is the president of Pakistan?” you may get hailed with such questions and regretfully enough our youth doesn’t have an answer. Many T.V. shows attempted to discern the fact of how much unaware our people are. On the contrary, it’s amazing to see someone so famous yet not popular enough. Every president has so far been leaving a permanent mark yet Mamnoon Hussain is truly “docile” as described by one his business rivals.

1. Unschooled President:

Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and counted few more people were struck out from universities, schools and some were even unschooled. I bet our youth didn’t know that our president is unschooled pupil. Mamnoon Hussain added his name to the list when he announced at Cadet College Hassanabdal’s Parents day about his homeschooling in early years of his life. His family basically migrated after partition and he lead quite an adventurous life. He became a successful businessman through hard work later on.

So, our youth has got great potential too even if they are unschooled. All it takes is a leap of faith.

Know more about what Mamnoon Hussain revealed in his speech and how he views future of Pakistan at: The President of Pakistan Has Never Been to School


2. Invisible President 

I know y’all know this but do you know how he prospered through times? He faced failures as well.

BBC called the president of Pakistan as “invisible President” as he rarely took control of his office and showed an appearance. Mamnoon Hussain has maintained “low-profile” of himself through almost 5 years of Presidency.

He joined politics first in 1968 by joining Pakistan Muslim League as an activist. He became PML-N finance secretary that was being lead by Nawaz Sharif and he always stood besides Nawaz Sharif through thick and thin without fail. He was made Sindh minister but only for 5 months yet he persisted.

As a president, he never attempted to interfere with decisions and dictates of Nawaz Sharif despite having authority over millions of populations of Pakistan.

        3. Vice Chancellor:

Mamnoon Hussain had been Vice Chancellor of many universities besides being President of Pakistan, according to BBC. It portrays how much hold he has over the youth of Pakistan via his status over educational institutes. He has been utilizing his authority over educational system by changing VC’s of various universities during his years of presidency. Various steps are being taken towards improvisation of curriculum and education system.

It reveals his dedication and faith in “education” and the power it holds to change futures of countries.

4. Non-controversial leader:

Have you ever heard of a controversy or opposition against the President of Pakistan? Youth only saw him calm and smiling all the time.

Either it was one of the preceding presidents Pervaiz Musharraf or Asif Ali Zardari, they had controversial aspects attached to their decisions and orders to run the state.

But, Mamnoon Hussain is truly “docile” leader who has rarely been shown to pass orders or make decisions on behalf of the state. Nawaz Sharif enjoys the privilege to run the state and manage international relations around the world. The president seems to be playing no role in the drama of the state. He saved himself from controversy with his inaction and laid back attitude.

5. Powerless against Nawaz Sharif:

Youth is unfamiliar with the president, Mamnoon Hussain, for his act of powerlessness. It sounds critical yet it’s a truth of our government.

Whether it was the time when IK opposed the electoral process or it was the decisions of building up infrastructure of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain didn’t come once in the limelight to display the power people have given him over them. Nawaz Sharif has only been there to decide for Zarb-e-Azb and his younger brother, Shahbaz Sharif has been deciding for fate of Punjab every now and then. It depicts how powerless Mamnoon Hussain has always been in front of Nawaz Sharif or probably he has chosen it as a way to hold the office

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