6 Interesting Ways To Become Friends With The Person You Like

Have you ever felt troubled making friends with someone whom you like and you feel awkward to start a conversation with him/her? Don’t feel bad it is natural that we sometimes feel too shy to make a new friend especially when you already have feelings for that person even though you are good at making friends. You interact with that person but it never goes beyond a ‘Hi and What’s Up’ because you do not want to sound desperate and sticky. So what should you do in order to get yourself ‘effortlessly’ noticeable without displaying your intentions that you want much more than that? Well one thing is clear that you cannot just sit and wait for them to approach you because if it was supposed to happen it would have happened way earlier. Get it in your mind that you have got to do something for that and act natural at the same time. Here are some interesting ways which you can apply and be friends with the person you like without being clingy.

1.      Stay around them and let them notice you

First thing first, if you want to be friends with that person you must get yourself noticed by him. And for that you have to be around him and pretend as if it has happened by chance. You can easily do this by getting yourself enrolled into the same activities as they are in. Involve yourself in anything that is going around them. Volunteer in different events in which they are participating or you can be in the organizing team so you could be seen maximum by them. You can also start a project with them to increase the interaction and it would be a high time to show off some of your skills.

2.      Work on yourself

Yes, because this will do 50% of your work. Everyone wants to be friends with a person who shows up clean, therefore, take good care of your bodily hygiene. Always dress nicer than others. If you are a guy, start to gym it will make you look hundred times more noticeable. Try to spice up your looks, well set hair and a pair of fresh shoes will do for you. Talk about the trendy things that are in run when you are around them to get their attention. Speak like you are sure what you are talking about.

3.      Improve your body language

It is another interesting way to engage someone with you. Get your body language on point. It is an unspoken form of communication through which you can indirectly release signals for that person and get him involved. Show them how confident you are by the way you walk. Keep your head high and shoulders broad. This will help in portraying yourself as a confident being. Also you need to be a little more show off with your good side. Help people when you are around that person. Involve yourself with a task and perform it efficiently in front of them because it is all about depicting those things that they don’t know about you.

4.      Make their core passions yours

To imply this you will have to do more than usual effort but the results will worth it. Discover at least one similarity between that person and yourself by stalking them out. Social networks are best way for that or you can just figure it out by talking to your mutual friends. Get to know about their passions to see if you share any similar interest with them and then you can make this thing a base of your friendship. For instance, you both can be foodies so you can always arrange a Pizza party among your mutual friends which is a perfect natural way to be with them. What if you cannot find any familiarity? Fake one. Yes that’s right. Suppose you have found out that this very person is a literature freak then immediately get yourself a book and be pretentious as if you love reading to get that person in your web. Make sure you have gathered all the information about that book and author which you can share later once they bellied up to you.

5.      Play it smart if nothing works out

Don’t get panicked if none of the things work you still have scope left. You got to take smart risks to get in touch with them. One thing you can still do is to ask their help for a certain task which is important for them as well. Let’s say it’s your friend’s birth day (of course the mutual one) throw a surprise party for him and ask that person to give you hand in that. You can work together in this way. Take initiative, make them feel special by dropping compliments on and off, remember to wish them for their big days like on birth day, for their result or job interview. You will be able to get their attention surely.

6.      Show them how cool it is to be your friend

Last but not the least, it is your obligation to let them know how good of a friend you are or how blessed they would be if they become your friend. You can do this by having a strong reputation among your friends, by taking care of your friends genuinely and by making that person laugh and showing your fun side. Nobody wants to be friends with a bore and dull personality. Have fun when you are around with your cool group to be catchy.


Try all of these tricks and give this a little time you will definitely end up making friends with the person you like. But don’t forget to thank me after that!

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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