6 Reasons why you should opt for Dentistry

It is that time of the year again when everyone is banging their heads on the wall deciding which field to choose. Some are making a school to college transition while some are applying for universities. The former group is delineating their direction towards a specific goal. Whereas the latter group is stepping on to the very ladder that will take them there. Nevertheless, the right decision at either stage is important in achieving your goals.

For medical folk, there are little sideway options. You can either go in research or clinical sciences. And in clinical sciences, you can choose either dentistry or medicine. I am not denying the presence of other clinical fields like physiotherapy, radiography or ophthalmology.  These are emerging fields that have much greater importance. But as compared to medicine and dentistry, they are less popular among the masses right now, partly due to unawareness, partly because of dwelling stereotypes and partly because of lack of career counseling.

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Nonetheless, as an active student of this field, it is sort of my responsibility to highlight the pros and cons of dentistry for people who are thinking of applying for this. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely go for it:

More practical than theoretical

Dentistry is a field that demands active using of your hands. It does not demand frequent bone up or ratification sessions.  Yes, there are some basic subjects in the process, that do need this, but if we basically talk about the dental sciences, it is more important and beneficial if you practice with your hands while you study. It requires experience, and you can gain that either by doing or watching the experts.

Thus if you are more of a doing person than a ratification person, dentistry is a field you need to think about if you are in pre-medical.

An artist’s touch

As I have mentioned, dentistry is more practical work. You are actually designing different components of the jaw for a patient. Be it a filling or a prostheses, you require certain amount of skill in the artistic department if you wish to do things the right way. You require deft hands and neat work. Dentistry is mostly about good aesthetics; and if you design the dental prostheses well, you are actually doing most of your job fairly right.

So if you are med-loving student with ample hand control and distinctive artistic skills, I suggest you steer your car right towards a dental college.

An engineer’s mind

Dentistry requires a technical mind. In the oral cavity, we are dealing with masticatory (chewing) forces. So when a dentist decides to use a particular type of filling material, or a particular prosthesis, he takes into account some basic requirements. He debates over the mechanical properties of the material. Is it better to use a temporary or a permanent material? What should be its thermal or optical properties? Slowly, he chooses the correct material for the right part of the mouth, considering various factors that affect that area.

For this purpose, it is important that a dentist knows when to think out of the box and how to approach a case technically, when required.

No night duties

Many girls get married during the course of their degree and it so happens that some families do not feel comfortable with girls on night duties. If one has an intuition about this sort of stuff, she should definitely think about choosing dentistry. Plan ahead just to be on the safe side!

A rewarding job

Though the initial cost of the setup is expensive, it is a self-sufficient occupation, that you can practice a long way. This field promises a good source of income for people who look for fields from this perspective. Once you set up a clinic of your own, the only limit to your work is your age.

A personal bonus

As an added bonus, and something to lift your mood, the degree duration is 4 years plus a year of house job, as opposed to a 5+1 medicine degree. A bill was passed to extend the duration of BDS but so far no implementation has been observed. So for people who cannot decide because of anything else, here is an optimistic reason for you to choose dentistry.

Every field has its pros and cons. The purpose of this article is to guide students who are making up their minds about the different medical fields. While you are at it, here is a piece of advice everyone should follow: do what you love. It’s important that you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, because when you do, you generally end up finding the thing you love. Pray to God as you search for the right thing.

All the best!

Article by:

Kashmala Adil Qazi

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