60 Second Intl. Film Festival

About the Festival

60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) is a film festival initiated by our team in Pakistan to encourage the youth to step up and ‘film’ their thoughts. 60SIFF operates to empower the youth and to create awareness about global issues. Over the years, it has formed a community of participants and viewers from all over the world. With each year, we are one step closer to bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties between today’s youth.


60 Second Intl. Film Festival was started in Pakistan and in the first round we received a response of more than 200 films. The second term of the festival, announced as an international entity, received approximately 400 film entries from over 40 countries. In the subsequent years, 60SIFF’s reach has only expanded and the quality and quantity of received films has vastly progressed. Given all its success, 60SIFF has been franchised by organizations in different countries and been invited to screen the films internationally as well.

The Impact

Our Festival provides a platform for the flow of free speech and thought through film. These films exist online and are screened in various cities and countries. Each film only consists of 60 seconds and so even a 20 minute screening allows the movement of 20 different yet distinct ideas. This continuous flow of information stands as a point of education for many.

Such is the impact of 60SIFF, to educate, aware and inspire.

Festival Screenings

60SIFF hosts regular screenings not only in Pakistan but also globally. Our collaborations of the past include those with Open Space Nepal, Delhi International Film Festival, WWF, American Film Showcase and One minute Film & Video Festival.

Our festivals engage an audience of over 500 people at every screening and these people are from diverse backgrounds.

This year too, we are expecting an audience of around 2000 people from all over the city for our Islamabad screening.

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