8 Life Changing Lessons University Will Teach You

University life is something that contains a magnificent charm in itself. College students look at it as a place where all their fantasies will come true. Many students experience their ‘Firsts’ in university. First big fight, first crush, first heart break, first best buddies group, first night out and things like that. You think university life is all about fun and CGPAs? Well it is much more than that, apart from getting mastered in one discipline, university will teach you the things that you won’t get to learn from your elders or at homes. Have a look at these 8 life changing lessons that you can relate with your university experiences.
1. Double faces everywhere
Being in university the very first and important lesson you learn through experience is that there are people with double and sometimes triple faces. You never know what a person actually speaks about you behind your back. No matter how good of a behavior you adopt some people will still HATE you, RATE you, USE you, and BREAK you no matter what. And at the same time you will get to know about your own strength. How strong you can stand for yourself.
2. Stay Paranoid and Don’t trust Nobody
So now you have learnt that you are surrounded by dual personalities, the second thing you must do is to trust nobody. Suppose that every day in university is an April fool day and you must not trust whatever one says to you without knowing the true facts yourself. This lesson will help you further when you will enter in your practical life where every person including you is in the state of competition and not every other person is worth your trust.
3. Cross check your tolerance level
In your tenure of university life, one thing you will surely learn is that you have to give space to the distant communities. You will come across to the students of diverse ethnicity who can be partly or completely different from you in their language, culture, traditions and beliefs. You will have to listen to them patiently and give the level of respect that you want for yourself. Also you will need to build a super power of tolerating some jerks. In short, university life teaches you to be PATIENT.
4. Reputation matters
A good reputation is more valuable than money. Having been in a place where people will brutally judge you, one single mistake will cause you a lot of loss. But at the same time having good terms with your seniors and juniors lot will save you from trouble. Remember The more social you are The more successful you become.
5. Don’t mess with the Boss
Yes, it will be good on your behalf as early as you learn the fact that you must not spoil your terms with the authorities of university. Be it teachers, staff, head of department or even the clerks. Don’t mess with any of them as you might regret it afterwards. It will bring you a bad reputation also they can be the cause of your rustication from university. And if you imply the same thing on your real life boss, you will surely get the sky heights within no time.
6. Never underestimate the power of a common “NERD”
Yes you heard it right! Nerds are not just study freaks they can also fun to be with and they have much more hidden talents than you do. They can bring you good grades if you choose to be their project partners. Basically, this means that never in your life you must underestimate someone’s capabilities by the way they appear to be. It is your job to make good use out of such NERDS.
7. Let’s unlock your 6th sense
While in university life, have you ever come to face such situations about which you were doubtful and they turn out to be the worst experiences of all times? This is lesson # 7. Never ignore your 6th sense especially when you are about to start a project or start being friends with someone, if your mind tells you there is something fishy stop the fishing right away. Build your gut feelings to the extent where your heart and mind start working together so that you can save yourself from maximum harm.

8. To Believe in your intuitions
Intuition literally means to learn from within and not everyone knows how to do that. Let your inner self unfold to you what you really are. University life is that phase of your life when you are exploring yourself more than you have ever done in your entire life. Therefore, get the courage to do as your heart says. Never neglect your instincts just because they are opposite to what you want. TRUST YOURSELF if you want to get yourself identified in the huge crowd.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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