A daughter writes to her father


                                                                                                                                August 22, 2015

Dear Father,

It has been one year and 27 days that the roof of our family has been collapsed and the sun of our sky does not rise to wake us up with extreme love and affection. Our every day is as gloomy as a cloudy day but no rain. Yet again every morning we all leave for our different activities but we come back with the fear of not finding our guiding light at home. Gracious me! You cannot imagine how much you are missed since you have left us alone in this world where people don’t let a single opportunity to demoralize you. I do not really know – really don’t know how you are at the moment but let me aware you how we are passing our days without you. It is true you happened to live with us but God did not bear it and took you miles away from us but I must say he is not successful enough to part us because now you live within each of us and that’s certainly eternal.  Your daughter still cannot forget the day when God did not let you open your eyes even for a second when she had slept on your chest and was crying and begging to open your eyes only for once but you could not.

I wish you could see me now how I am writing this to you and I hope the day you will get it; you will realize how many drops of water flew down my cheeks while writing this. I can hide many feelings I have inside but the feeling of your absence drives me out of this world and I want to shriek so you would listen to me that I still hope that one day I will find you back in your room, one day you will knock the door and come to complete my family back, one day again you will stand beside me to support me when my mother scolds me for my mistakes and being careless, one day again I will get your kiss and caress on my brow 10 times a day to make me alight on the land for you – just for you, one day you will again call me “Chughug ma” which gives me the wings to fly that I am alive and once again I will call you “Babai” which I have missed in these 392 days. It is Greek to me whether it will come true or not but I have no other option since this gives me a real delight to live my life and a hope that you are parted for a while and God will return you any day. I believe – I whole heartedly do that at least this time my prayers will not go to God’s spam folder.

 With love,

Your daughter


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