The abandoned silver: years of wisdom waiting behind shelter walls.

The abandoned silver:Years of wisdom waiting behind shelter walls.

It’s a shameful state of affairs that there has arisen a need for old age homes in modern times. Why do we need these old homes, why we find old senior citizen a burden on us?

As children we were always taught of respecting old people and parents. Nowadays, young generation feels old age people a burden. It is because the traditional values and sociability have been changed drastically in today’s time. The old age group is now feeling this embarrassing blow. The aged people are spending their twilight years in isolation, pain and misery. All these collectively are responsible for old age home concept.


The elderly of the world today are more in need of love, kindness, safety and comfort from their own children and family members than that coming from a stranger. Old people are big support for the family. Because they are our base and having better experiences then new age people, old age people are known in the society and consider as strength of the family. They have more knowledge wisdom and exposure based on which they always want youngsters to learn and implement in their lives. Their experiences are truly a guidance to live a balanced life. They are always with us and act as a backbone of a family.  It is unfair to them if they are kept in a shelter where there is no one to provide them support like their own children.

Everyone has their parents back where ever they are, they are given full moral and emotional support by parents we should not think of pushing themselves away from us because they are our true heroes who would save you from treacherous situations and faithless world. They are the once you who grew you by helping to improve your personality and built confidence into us. Not to forget that   Parents make great sacrifices for the care of their children. Day after day, parents protect their children from danger, attend to their cries, and reassure them after a bad dream. Parents give up necessities for their children everyday….But when the children grown up and if they reach better position in the society, they are forgetting their own parents……People don’t understand, how they can forget their past life, how they can avoid their own parents in their life?.

Their   maturity will surely throw light on our life. So one  should find time to look after their parents. We often understand their value once we have lost them. Our parents struggle throughout their life time for our happiness then why can’t we take out sometime for them from our busy lives.

Why choose Old homes

Some families nowadays have less time for their parents because they are so passionate about their career and obsessed with making money so that they can face and compete with challenges. However, they neglect the fact that they have their parents with them to look for after them in  their painful stage of life.

People don’t have time today even to take care of their own parents, I mean they are busy running behind money and creating better future for themselves but are forgetting who provided a better future for them in the first place, and even parents at times think that they don’t want to be a burden on their children and they themselves at times get registered to these old age homes, as they are seeing what’s  happening in front of them and they don’t want to be let down by their own kids in front of others. Let’s make it simple by saying that whatever we do with our old parents or citizens, we will face the same situation in our time to come.

Old homes are chose for the parents who do not have any children, they end up being alone at home so they join such shelters to keep them accompany. In some cases, a sole child is in foreign country and does not looks back at his hometown or family member, they end up getting stuck there, in this way parents at their old age remain helpless and are force to admit into shelter homes to get aid and supervision.

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Often it is because the parents have health needs that cannot be met in either their home or a child’s home. Even relatively healthy elderly people still often need to have regular checkups or other regular medical attention that is too difficult to do in a regular home. A person with substantial dementia may simply require more care than one or a few people can give. For instance, sun downing  : Alzheimer’s is very real.
In other circumstances, it may be incredibly disruptive to have an aging parent around. Not everybody’s relationship with their parents is good and in some cases, the relationship between the child and the parent may be too difficult.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said: “It is a pity that some people may not attain Paradise, on account of not serving their old parents.”

Cons of Old age homes

Although old homes provides shelter to disable, paralyzed or helpless people but it always has a dark side, admitting your old parents to these home is known is be a curse. They are at times not looked accordingly to their health and such isolation from their own children can lead towards depression.  The point is that many depressions are that which they face in the life and now at that stage of life they want to live with calm and peace but in old age homes they fall prey of depressions because they live alone their but in fact they want to live with their family members and want to play with their grand children but in old age homes they deprive from all these joys and depression becomes their fate.

These shelter homes do not have sufficient funds to run old people treatment , they depend upon the donations and help by the society but nowadays everyone is so occupied with their work and other activities that they actually neglect such kinds of old citizen. we have become so obsessed with making  money  that we are gradually losing  morality. 
it’s time to realize that Aged parents are like children & we should take care of them.  Parents and children have the purest relationship. It is the duty of children to look after their parents  when they are old and cannot care for themselves. Unfortunately, recent trends show that people would rather leave their parents in old age homes, an act which has devastating effects on the emotions of the abandoned parents.

It is natural for them to fear nursing homes as it is known to be prior step to death. Seeing that they will not be able to get back to their homes, it can be deemed true.

Missing element in these old age homes is freedom. What is given to them for meals is final. They do not have any say in it. Other freedoms that they lose are: Cooking for friends and family, only with nurses help one can shower that too on their schedule, here service of laundry is provided only with rest of resident’s laundry, after getting permission only can watch TV.

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They do not even have independence to go for worship at place of their option. They instead have to go to retirement home’s service. They are not even allowed to have personal doctors. All they get is one’s at home. Anger at putting them in these homes directed at their children is a natural thing for these residents. Family is bound to get various heartaches from these.

All in all, Our parents are taking too many difficulties or we can say they are sacrificing for the welfare of their children. Hence it should not be the right thing to leave them in the old age homes. It is the duty of every one to keep their old age parents with them and should be taken care by their children. In case the old age parents are left in the homes by you, which will be watched by your own children and tomorrow you will meet the same thing by your children.


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