About TECTIQS and Youth Times!


It has been the sixth year in a row that Iqra University has been organizing its highly successful annual event by the name TECTIQS. Tectiqs is an exciting event with various sub events. It provides a platform to the youth to exhibit their talents and challenge their skills in a competitive yet healthy environment.

Something for everyone!

People from different educational backgrounds  participate in this colorful  event that shall have a little something for everyone. Be it an engineer who wants to compete for his programming and web development skills or wants to test his app development abilities. Or an art student who wants to let out his inner artist  by participating in the wall graffiti or a sketching competition. A sporty who wants to get challenged in games he is best at, be it physical games like futsal, basketball, cricket, volleyball or computer games like FIFA, DOTA 2, COD4 and TEKKEN TAG. For those who are discovering their inner entrepreneurs, there are competitions like Business Plan and Ideal Candidate Hunt that shall give them exposure into the related field. There are brainy games like chess, Brain Drain and CSI and then there’s exciting games like Dumb Charades, Thief Jack and Treasure Hunt. For the debaters out there, there are declamations too. And not to forget the Entertainment Night and the Theater Play. And the lots of amazing food stalls with delicious food and snacks to satisfy your appetite. In short, TECTIQS 16 has a little something for everyone.


Collaboration with Youth Times

Along with all that, the team behind Tectiqs has been lucky enough to have ‘Youth Times’ among its sponsors. Youth Times is helping the event mangers behind Tectiqs promote this highly anticipated event. This event will help the youth in promotion of talent and showcase of activities, and that exactly is the aim of Youth Times.

Sneak Peek to Youth Times

For those of you who do not know of Youth Times, here’s a little sneak peek. ‘Youth Times’ is basically a magazine that provides a platform to the youth to showcase their talents and abilities, nurture new ideas, widen their horizon and bring about a positive change in the society, through thought provoking articles and development activities. It is a magazine of the youth, by the youth and for the youth. For those who wish to venture into the unknown, change stereotypes, widen their horizons and look for new prospects; Youth Times can be your voice.

Youth Times (C.E.O Fahad Farooq) by youthtimespk

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