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”Luck always favors the brave’

Prayers matter but it is our bravery that matters more .Everyone knew Akbar wrote this on the first page of his register’.

‘My father had to go through a lot to make me study,there were times when we didn’t had the money to pay my school fee,I thought I would complete my matriculation and spend my life on a shop.Nobody had studied over matriculation in my family.My father has always been my inspiration,he inspired me to study,study enough to make it through the 4 years of engineering and get a job too.It as not an easy journey,apart from finance,my paternal relative gave my family a hard time too.They had a typical backwards mindset.Too hesitant to think out of the box’.

‘Here’s something interesting,most people don’t know about it but when I was born,my mother loved the name Aurangzeb‘ and Sohail and she sometimes even calls me with these names. Years ago when it was time to decide my name,my mother proposed my Aurangzeb as my name, but my paternal family couldn’t bare to give her the right to choose her child’s name because of their narrow minded approach,and the name Akbar was chosen,chosen to be a taunt.’

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq