Mr Ali Farooq Bangash – Supervisor Services Tectiqs’16

Mr Ali Farooq Bangash – Supervisor Services Tectiqs’16

IQRA University is known for bringing the best out of students and we are here to talk about one of those students who is a prime example of this philosophy, a guy who has studied in IQRA University for the past couple of years and now he is serving the institute as a vital member of its planning & development department. A person who has acquired excellent management skills through experience in the field and who has a lot going for him in terms of communication skills and his event management skills are also formidable. His precious knowledge blended with a fine tone of a witty mix that occurs amid any trade with him helps extricate up & spreads an atmosphere of flexibility inside of the enclosure. All the more thus, not only an educator that makes you work out of your skin and make you apply to the best of your capacities additionally most likely the liveliest individual you would discover around.
So when it comes to the event like Tectiqs, his importance can be compared to the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, Dumbledore in Harry potter and Arsene Wenger in Arsenal, yes having a person like him is a blessing in disguise.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Team Tectiqs 16 is absolutely honored to have Mr. Ali Farooq as supervisor Services.

(By Usama Rabbani / IUIC)

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