Amir Khan Condemns Peshawar Attacks

Amir Khan,  donated the £30,Amir000 shorts he wore against Devon Alexander in order to help raise money to repair the Army School,  held a press conference in Islamabad shortly after landing in Pakistan.

Amir Khan said, “I’m here in this time of distress to  sound with the PAkistani Nation. I have travelled to Pakistan despite security threats to proof that sports & education will take us forward.

I ‘ m willing to offer my help to the Government of Pakistan & the stake holders any help from m side to rebuild the damaged school & to help the fight”

Boxex Amir Khan has expressed his condemnation and sadness following the recent attacks in Peshawar which claimed the lives of 145 people, including 132 children.
Amir Khan said: ” What has taken place in Peshawar is absolutely horrific and sickening. After recently becoming a father myself I can’t imagine how the families of these innocent children are feeling. My deepest condolences go out to all the families affected and I wish to express my full support for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan

Amir Khan


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