Anas Ahsan – Director Services Tectiqs’16

Anas Ahsan – Director Services Tectiqs’16

People say its so refreshing with someone who will throw a saddle over a gift horse rather than look it in a mouth, here we talk about the directer services of the event. Once he devote himself to something, the perfection of it is certain.
People take the easy way out to reach the top while some build a pillar for themselves and slowly climb it to reach a stage where they actually belong. Anas ahsan is one of those guys who worked alot to reach this phase where he is today. He worked as coordination head last time in tectiqs but now this time around he is the director services for the event. Workaholic, capable, and passionate are the accurate words to describe him though he can be a bit harsh on the outside.

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Anas is very jolly person with a helpful nature who believes in completion of work on time rather than late. If you manage to do what he says on time well i must say you saved yourself. He played a key role in the success of last year’s event. This year he has one of the most vital roles in tectiqs. The question is who would opt to take up such a responsible role in this event, “Right Anas is the guy”. He is eyeing success for iqra tectiqs 16 with his confident approach making sure that all activities are going well as planned. Anas is a leader for the event and what makes him special is, his will to stick to the plan and stay persistent untill it finally pays off.

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By Muhammad Awais & Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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