How Apple iPhone introduces smartphones to the world: which one is better?

You are going to buy a new phone and is confused between the Apple iPhone and the other great Android phones. There is no doubt that Android phones provide flexibility with a variety of applications. The performance of Apple iPhone is also exceptional. Most of the people consider Android phones as a money saver but for better quality, you surely have to pay a price. This is true that how Apple taught the world to a smartphone because IPhone is also a smartphone. It provides many advanced features as compared to other phones but the exceptional smartphone differs in many features as well.

Operating system

The iPhone runs on IOS operating system while other smartphones have Android, Symbian, Windows or Blackberry operating system. IOS runs uniquely on the iPhone while multiple smartphones operate on Android. The best and main feature is that IOS supports multitasking which allows other devices to use share connection. This new feature has been introduced in many Android phones as well. One major difference is that IOS phones can be hacked because it does not allow the same level of programming or customization that is run by other smartphones.


The early versions of iPhone need to be synchronized with the personal computers or iTunes. For iPhone you need a Mac system or Windows based PC and iTunes account is a must. This is the only reason Apple phones are different from other smartphones available in the market. Other smartphones do not need a computer to set up the settings of the phone, however, one Google, Hotmail or any authorized account is a must. The account is used for downloading applications, and it can be created via smartphone. The IOS 5 have revolutionized the requirement of PC, those who do not own a PC can also use iPhone.

Applications for iPhone vs. other smartphones


If you have bought an iPhone and wanted to enjoy the apps, then you have to connect to Apple store. There are many online applications which are available for free, or you have to pay a decent amount to buy some apps. Apple owns the broad range of verified applications which are only compatible with iPhone.


Just like the exceptional software, iPhone also holds the different hardware than smartphones. The battery life is the longest recorded than any other smartphone available in the market. You might have noticed that the screen is very small than the other phones but the density of pixels are very high, and it supports the sharp resolution. It comes with a built-in storage which varies according to the hardware size. That is the reason Apple does not support external memory while the slot for external memory is standard on other phones.


With all the exclusive services, the price of Apple phones is high as compared to smartphones. IPhone is the first smartphone ever released in the market and other phone companies then compete with the device by price. Apple products have higher prices because of the more reliability, durability and exceptional features it offers.

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