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 Art and Artist


People who LOVE art and colours and want to get the essence of their beauty, and then I must say Fine Arts is a great field to start with. As I am in the process of becoming a Fine artist, I have discovered a lot. There is so much to explore. One can gain enough ideas and every medium to express what they feel, as art is the best way to express your feelings, political criticism, giving a particular message etc. Art is not just limited to Fine Arts that includes painting, sculpture, miniature and printmaking but it is more than that. Art includes dance, music, theatre, photography etc. Every individual in his field is an artist. Like an actor is an artist, a photographer is an artist. All the old and even new artists and art critics have not been reached to a conclusion what ART actually means. Thus, there is no particular definition to it. Art is my field and I love it!


drawingYou can do whatever you want to do. Art gives u so many ideas. Can one believe it that art started a millions of years ago in caves when there was no medium in which it could be produced? The cave man first started making drawings and paintings which we called now as “CAVE” paintings. They used natural mediums like coal and pigments to make their paintings. They used the contours of cave wall to give 3D effect. Whatever they witnessed they expressed it on the cave walls. So, in one way those paintings were a type of record of that time. They didn’t learn it or practiced it. It was in-built in them. After them more famous artists came e.g.: Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a mathematician, artist, etc. Then is Michelangelo, Picasso and so forth. When oils came (oil paints), the early artists used to make them by themselves. They were not ready to use like we use them today.


Art includes so many ways in which an individual can express everything. It is more appreciated by all generations old people and young individuals. It attracts every personality. It can be your carrier one hand and your spare time on the other hand. Some people enjoy it as painting, printmaking and photography like me and some people enjoy it as jewelry making, singing, theatre and digital art.

Digital art! Another amazing kind of art through computers and latest software. It’s the most interesting medium. You can work in 3D and can develop anything which is unbelievable. Even the cartoons and cartoon movies are developed through these softwares.

So! Art cannot end anywhere but instead it is evolving and transforming in new kind of things.


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