Music Mela 2017
02 Feb 2017

Music Mela 2017: Bigger and Better than Before

Music Mela is an effort of Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE) for bringing different cultures of Pakistan together in a more powerful and united form. In this project, no culture is distinguished and maximum effort can be seen to provide maximum exposure to the upcoming music stars belonging

19 Nov 2016

The Sucjers, Five Girls With One Aim; Spreading Happiness

Many times a day we come across people doing good for the world which makes us think “I could easily do that. If only I had the resources.” That’s exactly the idea that popped up among a group of five cousins in a group chat on Whatsapp. First question? What

15 Nov 2016

Anxiety and Depression; The Causes.

Do you know what causes anxiety and depression? Do you know what’s the root cause of your anxiety, gloominess, stress, sullenness and depression? Panic stricken. Praying for the earth to open and swallow my being. No this is not depression neither is it anxiety. It is far less trivial but