The Bake House Quetta By :Zaineb Hashmi

The Bake House

A unique venture of its own sort, scrumptious and delicious cupcakes and cakes are what that cross one’s mind upon hearing this name. This endeavour is owned by a young couple from Quetta. In a city, where they are the first ones to start a business if this sorts, they are indeed an inspiration example for all of the youth. They are indeed contributing a lot to what our youth is already into.

The credit of founding this project goes to Muhammad Qavi Khan and Shahnaz Qavi Khan who are successfully running this business and bringing smile on the faces of their patrons by providing them with the best services. This all started with a mission of witnessing the look of utter satisfaction on the face of their customers as they intend to provide revolutionised products. A customer is satisfied when their demands are met to their contentment. This couple has already gained a reputation and a respectable clientele in their city because of their dedication and services.

“As pioneers of the ‘Designer Cakes’ business in Quetta, our aim is to bring a revolution in the designer cakes’ industry by continuously providing the most innovative and delicious designs prepared on the best hygienic standards, meeting the demands of our valued customers.”
Well that pretty much explains their devotion towards their passion!

Not only they believe in perseverance towards their work, but they are an example in their daily life too; respectful, “best-in-behaviour” and down to earth people who know how to be thankful instead of being arrogant on their success. Me, for instance, was searching for something else in my favourite city and came across this humble couple who made me a satisfied customer as well. They speak in extremely polite manner of their supporters who have supported them in establishing their business.

“Our family and parents cooperated a lot with us; especially we want to mention the names of Saman Malik (my childhood friend), her mother Musarat aunty, Komal Khan, Bilal Khan (my brother), Asiya Zaheer (my cousin in Karachi), Rubina Sarmad (my friend in Dubai), Umair Khan (Qavi’s brother in Quetta) and all our amazing friends.” Mrs. Qavi Khan exclaimed when asked about their enthusiasts.

“We want The Bake House to become a standard and a benchmark in the industry and to be an inspiration for many others to come. We see The Bake House becoming one of the most successful, innovative and inspirational case of small entrepreneur turns into a market leader in the upcoming years.”
It is clearly evident that this visionary couple have the talent to take their venture to heights!

We wish them all the luck in the world. God bless them!

Visit their page for the wonderful designed cakes and cupcakes!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebakehouseqta
Email: bakehouseqta@gmail.com
Website: http://thebakehouseqta.blogspot.com

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