Bangkok Airports are the tourist’s favorite attraction

Bangkok is the exotic city and well known as a city of lights. It is a huge city and contains many restaurants, sightseeing, accommodation, and nightlife. Bangkok consists of large buildings, massive traffic heat, and naughty lifestyle. However, no one can put a bad impression on you about Bangkok. The magnificent city is the well-known place because of palaces, temples, busy markets, vibrant nightlife and authentic canals. When it comes to the airport, the Bangkok is served by two famous and gigantic airports. The Bangkok airports are huge that they are now considered as the tourist’s attraction.

Both of the airports provides great services. From money exchange to buying gifts, restaurants and transit hotels everything is available at the airport. If you have visited the airport, most probably you have taken the tour of half city because you will avail the real shopping experience at the airport. The two airports are named as Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airport. Both of these airports are of about 30km away from the main city Centre. It will be a long ride for you to travel. So if you are new in Bangkok, you have to learn the tactics to handle the heavy congestion on the roads so that you never miss the flights.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

suvarnabhumi-1Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is open for the domestic as well as international flights. According to the latest news, all of the domestic and international flights will be managed through this airport. The airport first flight took off on 28th September 2006 while the airport was operational on September 21st, 2006. The word Suvarnabhumi is known as the Golden Land. It is the Gateway to the Asia provided by the Bangkok.

Things you need to know about the airport

It owns the area of 8000 acres and is situated on the Bangna-Trad road. The airport is so big that it has the capability to accommodate at least 45 million passengers per year and supports 76 flights per hour, and the airport facility handles 3 million tons of cargo each year.


The airport comprises of 7 floors in total and 2 basements.

  • The first floor facilitates the taxi and bus service
  • The second floor is confined for the arrivals of domestic and international flights
  • All the shops, CIP rooms, and restaurants are on the third floor
  • The departure of the international and domestic flight is handled on the fourth floor. All the check-in counters, airport information, immigration passengers and the service packages can be availed.
  • Thai Airways offices are located on the 5th floor, and service center is on the 6th
  • The 7th floor contains the airport express station, the express platform, and area for the luggage system.

The airport owns the biggest runaway one from the east and other from the west. The airport owns every facility and emergency services. The aviation authority is coordinating all the activities supported at the Suvarnabhumi airport. It also owns the water supply station, waste treatment plant, electricity and cooling water plant and the technological building.

The place owns the biggest car parking area accompanied with public transport as well as duty-free zone. The biggest attraction is the Novotel Hotel Suvarnabhumi which is at 300 meters and contains600 rooms and many other facilities such as fitness, spa, and restaurants.

Best place to be booked for tourists

The nearby places of the Suvarnabhumi Airport contain many places for the tourists. The tourists can take a short trip right after their boarding. The airport includes and provides many nearby attractions which are available by the tourism authority in collaboration with the airport services. In almost 3 to 4 hours, the tourists can take a round trip of all the attractions nearby.

Don Mueang airport

bangkok_don_mueng_airportIt is the second airport at the Bangkok which facilitates all the regular as well irregular domestic flights. Now the airport also manages the irregular international flights. The Don

Mueang supports the broad range of aviation services. The airport owns the good location, adequate facilities, and spacious area. Customers are greatly satisfied with the services provided at the airport.

It was the main airport until the Suvarnabhumi airport was inaugurated in 2006. It handles the domestic flights of the Nok Air and the Orient Thai while the international terminal also manages the Air Asia. Since 2012 all of the Air Asia flights are handled by the Don Mueang airport while the BKK handles all other international flights.

The airport is not as big as the BKK but contains much attraction for the citizens and tourists arriving from Air
Asia. However, because of the convenience of hotels, restaurants, and other attractions visitors prefer to take the flight which lands at the Suvarnabhumi airport.

The citizens prefer to use the Don Mueang airport because it contains the public taxi stand right outside the pavement area. However, Suvarnabhumi Airport provides a long queue at the taxi stand. The dm6rates of the taxi are high at the Suvarnabhumi airport because of more tourism. If want to book a limousine car for the luxury trip then you can book it from the terminal available at the airport.

As the Don Mueang airport is very near to the central city so if someone does not prefer to use the taxi service, then he/she can travel to the main road right outside the airport and can find a bus station. Taxi rents are expensive than the bus.

 Bangkok Airports Best in world

Both of the airports are designed exceptionally and provide excellent customer service. All the ticketing prices vary from destination to destination. The Survabhumi airport is designed especially to manage the tourism which is increasing at a tremendous rate day by day. Bangkok is surely the best place to visit. Your journey and travelling experience will be great. The locals are very pleased to receive the “farang” known as a foreigner and will provide exceptional service so that you can visit the place again.

So if you are planning to visit the Bangkok, then enjoy your journey
with the best travelling service.

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