BE HONEST! By Nargis Hakim



We have heard the quotation many times that “Honesty is the best policy” but do we know the meaning of this. What does the honesty mean actually, is it just a sentence to be used in debates, communication and in books…? Or it has any moral impact too…? Perhaps the day we become aware of the word honesty the problems of our life would be finish.

Honesty is like a music that slowly make your body move accordingly to the music, It changes your mood, gives you energy , gives you wings to fly and go so far, No matter what is your speed, As it will take time but you will reach your destination for sure. But before that you should know exactly which way you want to walk on.

The pure success can’t be achieved without honesty. So, when we zoom in we see that the word success contains many steps in it where the one step is success. Success always demands to move together with honesty. Simply the rule of successful life is also based on one of those steps of honesty, as we can’t move in our life without honesty if we want to live in realism.  

Subsequently all relationship in the world demands honesty, we should be honest to our parents, with our studies, the marriage requires a true and honest partner for a happier life, and friends need an honest friend to cry on his/her shoulder, Love demands a honest sentiment,
 needs honest public, God needs his honest creature, our own soul needs a pure and honest companion. Even it is scientifically proved that to some extend the reason to go in depression is that we fell that we don’t have any one around us honest and truthful. Those who are not honest are always attracted towards another dishonest person in their life. As honesty attract honesty.

We need to wake up before we became a bash in front of our own mirror, before we got in puzzle and lost in the depth of it. Head up think, Observe what you want, because I believe that there comes a time that you really need to think about your life. About your life own life that where you will stand and where you will stop, till which limitation you will go and till when you will keep endeavoring… as its important too.

Don’t ever tell lie even if it is in support to others, otherwise we won’t be accepted in all people life around us until we remain truthful / honest to them. We all humans have experiences to learn many lessons in our lives but let them go unlearned, without any moral without any focus why? Our lives are expensive we need to move with it honestly.

honestBe honest, this is the simple thing we can do to support our own life, this is the way to live upright life try to bring ease in your life. Don’t crush, Make the lives free, it was given to us with all pure/good deed and super vision. Yeah it’s not that easy, we may slip but we can stand and walk with more firm footsteps. Practice every day and day by day you would become better. People will mock, trample and push you back but don’t tremble be adherent as these are the part of life we all have to go through it to live a successful life.

So, Lets promised to respond to honest life, Do your best… Who is ready for the new beginning of their life with honesty? 🙂

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