Bearing Burdens Quietly….

Gleeful for me to write for Army’s praiseworthy contribution in “Zarb-e-Azb”, completion of constricting terrorism mission in Pakistan. An operation launched in North Waziristan against terrorism a year back, since then we are in state of war. This is just the beginning and we are yet to achieve more.

At long last, Operation “Zarb-e-Azb” has entered the fourth phase in North Waziristan. We all seem busy in carrying out daily routine activities and do not realize that alongside borders of Waziristan, the serenity we have, is nonexistent. Soldiers march on even when death surrounds them. We all need to show everyone in world that we all support our soldiers and stand by their side in such perilous time. Let’s not forget role and sacrifices of Pakistan Army in Peacekeeping operation “Zarb-e-Azb”.


There surely are ways, both big and small, to get involved and serve our people. Our military men and their families do plentiful and sacrifice so much to ensure safety of people of Pakistan.

The army’s extraordinary gusto, understanding and archetypical efforts for stamping out terrorists abetted Pakistan infinitely in successfully completing a year of this revolutionary mission of uppermost nationwide interest. This operation wouldn’t have been mayhap, a triumph, without the loyalty, devotion and true dedication to duty and tenacity under extremely adverse situations. Kept on hearing in news n reading blogs that platoon members remained ready for any challenge presented to them by rapidly evolving events of particular operation.

I rightly understand that achievements like this do not just happen in a day or so, but are upshot of incessant efforts & energies, strategic planning, committed practicing and sacrifice from each member of lineup.

What are priorities of our current government and of state? I question myself and other populaces whether we “Pakistanis” are ready to be conscientious citizens that our country entails us to be? Or will remain busy noticing political instability only? That’s chipping away nitty-gritties of beloved Pakistan and its safety ‒ something simply time will tell… and perpetually will delineate how we continue to stand as a nation.

There is, indubitably, much more to love military life and countless to value the vivacity and assortment it fetches tPakistanZindabadcopyo our standpoints.

Long live Pak Army & Nation….




Yumna Iftikhar

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  1. June 19, 2015 at 5:36 am — Reply

    Zarb-e-Azb is an operation that should have carried way to earlier. But the previous government and the army chief didn’t for some reason agree to that.

    However, the efforts of both the current Government and COAS for countering the terrorism are certainly appreciable. We have paid the price for being silent for so long.

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar