Beat Me ‘Light’

Beat Me ‘Light’
This incident occurred when I was 15 years old. One fine morning, I heard a gunshot outside my house followed by a feminine scream. And then there was this man carrying the lifeless body of his wife like an old sack over his shoulder leaving behind his every foot step the blood drops dripping from the poor corpse. Much to the surprise, this happened in the posh area of Rawalpindi. That man was a murderer of his sister and now he shot dead his wife as well. No arresting and no inquiries that man was able to flee from the spot. That day nobody in my home took the breakfast. Had I not witnessed the accident myself I would have not been able to believe that a man can actually kill his wife and not be regretful for that. The gender based violence is taking the women of our society towards deception.

Aysha Taryam the Editor in Chief of a famous English newspaper says “If we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women we must start from the home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere.”

gender based violence

What does the Statistics say?

Human rights watch study carried out in 2009 states that there are about 70 to 90 percent women in Pakistan who have faced some sort of abuse. And there were thousands of other women who did not file cases at all. The research reports of 2011-2014 about violence against women states the percentage is of 80 percent as per the figures given by strategy papers, while one out of three females have experienced different forms of violence including honor killing, acid attacks, verbal and physical abuse.

Cherry on the topping is another survey which was done recently asking from the respondents if it is OKAY for a husband to beat his wife and shockingly 35.87% participants were marked in favor of it.

Point to ponder!
Where are we heading as a civilized nation? Although we have become better from our forefathers in many aspects of life but we have failed to quit the ritual of female abuse. Men most of the times die a natural death but women have lot more options to die like beaten to death, burn to death, hanged till death, suffocated to death and number of other ways which provoke violence against women.
Arguments like how lightly or strongly should a husband beat her wife invoke rampage among the opposite genders. A female was burned to death having no more breaths in the deceased body. This happened right after the statement was given about beating a woman in a way that it doesn’t break her bones. Congratulations all the bones were right in their position so no worries.

Execution of laws!
Few laws have been passed (not implemented) against the gender based violence in the recent years but before they could be executed, they were labeled as “UN-Islamic”.
Ironically, we live in a country where they ask to imply Islamic rules and regulations in every field of life and this is the very same country where laws are supported requiring woman to bring four male witnesses against the alleged rapist. How unfair is that for a female victim if she decides to stand for herself, she is tortured and weakened to the extent where she collapses and decides to take back the complaint. Is it really unawareness that a woman does not raise her voice? Interestingly, most of the times women do not report or file cases because they simply do not want to hurt the freaking honor of their family and dignity of their so called husbands.

Protect these Survivors!
The women who face the violence should not be called victims instead they should be called “Survivors” because they survive all the sufferings and they are still ready to give everything it takes to make their family a happy one and to serve their husbands at best. Such beautiful creation of God should not be taken for granted rather handle them with care. Beat her with all the love and care in the world so you would not have to actually beat her physically in order to get her as an obedient wife.

 Written by: Farwa Jasmeen

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