How Having a Best Friend Changes Your Life.

Some of us today consider every other person we talk to, or the ones we are in good terms with, as our friend. This should not be the case; one should be very careful and picky when it comes to being friends with someone. Having a lot of friends and having a best friend are two different things. Having a best friend means that no matter what happens, you will always have someone you can lean on, someone who you can be yourself with, without fearing that you will be judged. Sometimes you are surrounded by a crowd and yet you feel alone, you feel that no one understands you. That is not the case when you have a best friend. A best friend understands that you can be super cute one moment and a freak the very next yet they don’t mind, they love you and for your freakiness as much as they love you for your cuteness because they love you and accept you for who you are.

A best friend helps you believe in yourself:

A best friend is the best thing that can ever happen to you. No matter how much you doubt yourself and underestimate your abilities, a best friend sees what a gem you are. They believe in your abilities, they see the best in you and always motivate you to do better. Just a bit of that faith helps you to realize how great you can do if you just start believing yourself.

A best friend helps you move on:

May it be failure or heartbreak, a best friend is that one person WHO remains by your side to wipe your tears and clean that runny nose. A best friend helps you to realize how special you are and that you should not care a dime for the people who don’t realize your worth. They are the ones who will stick by your side through your every heartbreak, eat pizza and ice-cream with you, the ones who shall offer you their shoulder when you feel like crying a river. Once you have cried and whined enough they will be the ones who spank your booty and get you back on track, they will pamper you and take care of you but if your drama gets extended for long they will fix you the way you ask for it.

A best friend is like a mirror:

A best friend is your reflection. They love you and that love makes them honest and loyal towards you. They don’t talk behind your back. They know your flaws and sometimes when you make a mistake they have the courage to say that you did wrong, or you were at fault. It’s ok to mess up sometimes, no one is perfect but a best friend helps you accept that mistake with courage and help you improve. They help you to control what you have in excess and is harmful. No matter how harsh the truth might be a best friend always has the courage to say it to you. This helps you to see yourself completely with your strengths and weaknesses.

How my best friend has changed me:

I can write long paragraphs on how my best friend has transformed me into who I am today. But all I want you to know is that from an out of control angry young woman my best friend has transformed me into a more accepting and patient person. She has taught me to be strong, that it’s ok to have flaws as long as I don’t let them define myself. Her presence and support has taken me out of a time of struggle and turmoil by giving me so much love and hope. She was there to pick me up when I fell hard, no words of mine can ever thank her enough for what she has done for me.

I hope and pray that may every one of us find a genuine friend that we can count on, a person who brings out the best in us. Till then, be calm and keep hunting!

By : Aimen Saleem

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