Biography of Shiraz Khan by: Zaineb Hashmi


                               Biography of Shiraz Khan


 “I used to ask too many questions and about everything.”

Well the person who questions the most is considered the most  intelligent one and in the case of this talented young man, we  shall see that based on his credibility, Shiraz Khan has enough  credits on his life resume to be a successful person at such a  young age.

Life stories of such people are usually very inspiring and full of  spur. Nothing can teach you better than the experiences of other  people.

Belonging to a family who is a pioneer of hybrid farming in the agriculture business since 1982 in Nowshera,KPK, Mr Khan have always been the keen observer and felt differently towards the society and its norms. Apart from doing BBA from Northern University Nowshera, Shiraz has always taken great interest in the fields of life that are different from his usual profession. A thinker, you can say. He spends his leisure time in pondering over the reasoning and logic of the universe.” Science fiction has always attracted me so does the stars, universe and it’s mysterious. .With time I developed abilities, to understand better, like we call it higher understanding level,

Always had an interest in philosophy and psychology and other subjects of science though i had never been good in my academics,never scored good grades..

It turned out, I never had the ability to become literate … I had to become educated… I can’t cram things into my mind until i process them.”

But to spend the life we have to build a career as well and Shiraz knew this.

“Like most of us never truly know what they want to become their choice are often the reflection of their reality but not of them. I chose to become a constructor operator, it seemed more challenging.”

The story gets really stimulating at the start when Shiraz set foot on this path of career. He is a self-made businessman who had no clue at the beginning but initiated with great zeal and passion. Within a short span of time, he got his firm registered, his license was granted and the firm was enlisted in every important department it was supposed to be.

“ Shiraz enterprises…  your future, you dream it,we design it and build it… My mission is to alter the mainstreamed concept of construction…”

This young man has a considerable achievement not only in the field of business, but he has  paid attention to the problems the children face in this society and have developed an NGO  to help out the children who need help in the educational field. AID CHILDREN is a clear example of his thoughtful nature about how he sees the society.

For  further information about the NGO , you can visit its official web presence www.aidchildren.org.

“I see my business to be source of enlightenment and inspiration for thousands of people plus a platform where people can learn and work. Where new designing and building techniques will be introduced. Where quality of work would be equivalent to international standards.

I also see, the NGO would be a renowned one providing aid to thousands of children/students all over Pakistan. So we could a have a healthy and educated society in near future.”

Shiraz Khan hasn’t ever learned how to give up and he is a great source of inspiration for all of us.

As a humanist, he wants to lay foundation to an institution where humans could be educated considering themselves citizens of this planet earth without any differences.

“Impossible is just a stage where possible becomes aware of itself.”

He considers Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, Socrates and Eminem as his sources of inspiration.“They taught me never to give up and always believe in myself  and to look beyond possibilities.”

Our country needs people like Shiraz Khan and we should be proud of such an asset given to our nation by ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

We wish all the best to him for his future endeavours.



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