Bird of Paradise

It bewitches me to be a bird of paradise but I deem that I can’t be a bird
A bird who has never alighted on the ground
A bird who is blessed to soar higher and higherimagesA bird who is found on the summit of its ambitions
A bird who is out of the box thinking for me
A bird who is thoroughly unclaimed
A bird when dressed in turquoise looks so auspicious
A bird whose shadow and touch bestow kingship
A bird whose acrobatics is so piquant
A bird whose sound is so primal
A bird when opens its wings looks like a complimentary king bird of paradise
A bird whose beauty is so flawless that obliterates other beauties in the Universe
A bird who has not come from paradise but deserves to be called the bird of paradise
Nevertheless, no superiority complex but down to earth
And uh! Comprehensively overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s graciousness
Because it is a bird not a human being
On the contrary, humans who plume themselves on being the supreme creature
When given these superior qualities
Evade bowing in front of Divine Guidance
Give a cynical laughter to inferiors
Beyond the shadow of doubt, clinch the slumber and oblivion
Think to be kings without crowns
And it behooves them to be a chauvinist
But Alas!! A leopard can’t change his spot.
These! These pluck me from my real delight that I can’t be a bird
It bewitches me to be a bird of paradise but I deem that I can’t be a bird

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