The Bitter Truth By MediaClub-HITEC

DSC_3636“The current situation of our country is not only sad but, is pretty much giving the image of the nation of the fools to the rest of the world. I am strictly not going to make a political stance here, but what forced me to write is what we as individuals of the nation are doing? On a glance, we are all acting like toddlers waiting for someone to come pick us up and help clean our filth. What….!
We stand there idle waiting for a ‘Leader’ to come help us be a better nation. Political ground is only there to work out on a plan, or actually see how it works. Have we not had enough? The past 67 years? When are we going to learn? Why are we so sure of getting another Jinnah to help us, he was for once. Every nation had a leader of his kind only once and since then they knew how to make things work and they’re all leading nations now. We have had Jinnah already, what we need to now go with the DIYs! What we need to understand is what patriotism means, a man who doesn’t come out on the street does not means that is not a patriot. Someone who does something in the favor of the nation’s betterment, may it be on a very small scale, is a patriot. A vegetable vendor selling vegetable is contributing to the economy. Yes…! This small contribution is doing better than that young man shouting slogans on the street like please…! Save my country.

The best of what we can do good to this country honestly, is do what we’re already doing. Students keep studying, markets keep running, educators keep educating, everyone! Just keep doing better of what we are doing! Every individual, can’t we do it? We should now understand that we can find no help with the political platform in this country, no one can help us but our own selves. There is no such thing as revolution on the streets, but yes you might see it well in the cottage industry where our people works on goods that are exported, farmers on the fields picking fine grains to help our country earn money.
In other words, JUST KEEP GOING. None of us needs to stop and standby to look at these jugglers, because all they need is a show, none of us realizes that we’re unfortunate enough to not to have a political power since the very beginning, just a couple of dummy corpses playing their dirty games. “None can show the Truth to us but us”. Let’s go with the patriotism, let’s do what makes us strong not what tells the world that we are a bunch of immature heads with no future ahead.

Let the revolution make its own way, peace. I am not a politician not a scholar but Yes..! I am biased with PAKISTAN. With honesty and love for Pakistan. InshahAllah….”

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  1. Zeeshan Azad
    December 15, 2014 at 6:05 am — Reply

    “None can show the Truth to us but us”. Let’s go with the patriotism”
    that is the right way of thinking for a young and talented youth of Pakistan…Ireally appreciate your marvellous effort(The Bitter Truth)

  2. QuratulAin
    December 18, 2014 at 5:03 pm — Reply

    Change comes from within. Even our creator has clearly told us that nothing will be changed for good, until and unless your own determination plays along. Everyone should learn doing their bit.
    Way to go!!

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq