Black or Blessed Friday?

Black or Blessed Friday?

For Muslims Friday is the most important day of the week. Out of the seven days of the week Friday is the most significant and valuable. Muslims gather to listen to khutba and offer jumma prayer. It is the most blessed day to us as Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “The best day in the sight of God is Friday, the day of congregation”. Congregational prayers are the time when Muslims gather to worship One God and strengthens the bond between each other by standing shoulder to shoulder and endorsing their faith and devotion to Him.

“O you who believe! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of God, and leave aside business.  That is best for you if you but knew.” (Quran 62:9)

Then how we can call such a blessed day, black? I am not a conservative Muslim but I seriously do not like the way we as a nation is adopting foreign culture and traditions. It is not at all mandatory to adopt each and everything they are doing as it is. If there exist much liking for this tradition then we can simply adopt it but by giving it our own flavor that at least suits to the religion and society to which we belong.

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We can simply call it blessed Friday rather than black in order to avoid disgracing such an honorable day. Though, the concept of black Friday is not at all wrong as it is the day that follows the tradition of Thanksgiving Day in the United States ,the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving Daywas basically celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. In Canada and United states it is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season so major retailers open very early and offer promotional sales.

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We can give happiness to our people too, we can give discounts and promotional sales but can we not do this before our eids? Instead when it is the time of Eid-ul-fitar or Eid-ul-azha everything’s prices are doubled. It becomes difficult for a salaried person to even bear the expenses of eid for his family. My question is that cannot we make Friday a blessed one. Cannot we make our own traditions that suit our religion and that can provide benefit to our own society?


Author:  Ayesha Qayyum Khan

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  1. Noor
    November 26, 2016 at 2:23 pm — Reply

    Nice Article and yes it can be Blessed Friday but Black is not the colour of sadness its the colour of grace and peace so i think its nothing to worry about The Name With Black Friday …
    Sorry its my own thought
    I think its every ones own perspective to think the way he or she wants

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