A boy with a heart and a mind By Media Club HITEC

IMG_8924Most would click the see more button and say,ain’t nobody got time for that ,for all those I am Silent.
What? What is life?
Years? Months? Days? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? And its passing.
Its been quite a time that I have been alive. Class Two? Aim was to reach Class Three.
O-levels? Aim to each A-levels,University,Job,Family,Kids,and I can write a whole page on what I want,what I aim.

And then there’s that kid,working in a tuck shop.Goes to the shop after dressing himself up but not clean though because he knows they’ll be destroyed till the end of the day.His mother brushing his hair and making him look good cause probably that’s the most she can do.
What’s his aim? What would he think when he thinks of the future? What could it possibly be? Having a tuck shop of his own where he could sit on the counter and order? How far is it? Quite far…

What are we doing with all these resources we have?
We eat in expensive restaurants,and justify the cost on the basis of quality.People in the same country,same city,or probably the same colony cannot afford a two time meal.What’s the use of such quality? And quality that doesn’t even fulfill our hunger equivalent to a normal middle class meal and costs us five to ten times of a stomach fulling low class meal.

Yes I’m talking to all of you,All those who feel good going to MacDonald’s,KFC,Hardee’s,I can even write a whole page consisting of places that sell what we call ‘quality’ food.
And I know most people would say,we do our best to help the poor,we donate and then we go to these ‘expensive’ restaurants,yes I know they are not expensive for you but for a millisecond,go and look through the eyes of the boy working at the tuck shop as he passes by one of the places seeing you sitting in it under the most common yellow,highly ideal light for photography and seeing you laugh and being happy with a 300 rupees burger in your hand,that wont even last you a meal and he could survive two whole days on it.
We are in a state of selfishness and we don’t even realize it.
May be you’re paying your Zakat and all,even helping the poor and enjoying the quality food but don’t you think that what you spend in those places can be utilized in a better way,may be you won’t enjoy it but someone else will.
Hardly two or three would have read this till the end,may be if I go somewhere and tell people this,people would think of me as an awkward or not of their type human being but I am happy with it. I am happy giving up a 1200 cake and buying a 400 one,cause I know the 800, I didn’t just throw away compromising on the ‘quality’ would make at least four other people happy on there birthdays.
May be one day all of us will grow up.I hope it comes soon.

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  2. QuratulAin
    December 19, 2014 at 10:46 am — Reply

    Food for thought. A very well chosen topic to speak about. I am of the view that if every single individual start believing and acting in the same way, we’ll ran out poverty soon and thus all the double standards and class discriminations.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq