Brain Drain An Untold Cause Of Regression In Pakistan

In the developing world like Pakistan, young professionals are migrating from their homeland to favorable geographic regions  after acquiring skills and higher education. It has become one of the serious issues faced by country these days. In last 31 years 45,000 registered professionals have migrated to other countries Pakistan Overseas Employment Service (POES) reported.

What gives birth to Brain Drain:

It is usually thought that poor economic condition is forcing young graduates to begin career in professional environment. By this logic unemployment is the cause of mass emigration. Let’s suppose for a while it is, now the question arise here “who is responsible for unemployment in Pakistan?” Majority of us blame government authorities for being unemployed although it is true to some extent but that’s a kind of superstitious thought.

brain drain in pakistan

Human Capital Flight straight from Pakistan to developed countries

What I have to say about graduated jobless pals;

“Person who is jobless even after graduation deserves to be jobless forever”

People who’re willing to settle abroad just for the sake of job are root cause of joblessness. In our institutions students are getting education to seek jobs. Who will create jobs? This is a question most of undergraduates students can’t answer! With this mindset what else could be expected from our pseudo professionals other than hopelessly leaving their homeland to hopefully settling abroad.

Downside: When a qualified person leaves homeland with the skillset, it badly affect the community. Emigrants do not consider their home country a serveable land solely due to their personal interests and prefer serving another country for acquisitiveness. Rampant migration of young professionals creates non-fillable vacancies. Govt. has to spend billion of rupees to hire foreign experts and it does a huge loss to foreign exchange. The biggest social damage caused by Brain Drain is the demotivation of aspiring young professionals. It creates an environment of disappointment in educational institutes.

How we can control:

Exodus can be controlled by facilitating professionals with amenities, high salaries, better health facilities and good living standard can serve the purpose. Counter strategy for this is Brain gain, attracting professionals from other countries.

“Reversing Brain Drain is our Goal”

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    […] Brain drain an untold cause of regression in Pakistan […]

  2. Muhammad Hussain
    October 2, 2017 at 6:59 pm — Reply

    Bitter but well said

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