Breakfast Ignored meal of all

Breakfast Ignored meal of all

Ttttrrriinnngg ttrriiinnggg ttrrriiggg! Hey its morning and look, someone is trying to escape the curse of the “ MORNING BREAKFAST ”. It’s a very common story that almost every house follows. But taking just a bit of your time and giving this meal a bit high priority in your day can make a huge difference.


Breakfast provides body plus mind the fuel they need to work out the hectic day ahead after having am overnight fast- that is from where it got its name, breaking the fast! Without breakfast you are running empty just like trying to start a car without petrol.

Nutritionists say that you should have your breakfast within two hours of waking. Apart from energy breakfast is also a good source of proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. These are some of the vital nutrients that our body needs and research also shows that if these nutrients are missed in the morning they are less likely to get compensated for later in the day. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, so try to add bit of a portion of them in your breakfast, might be a banana or a glass of carrot juice.

Breakfast can also help to get your tummies back at place, research shows that people who have proper breakfast never go overweight and also, they remain in their ideal weight range according to their age, as compared to the breakfast skippers. If you skip breakfast you are more likely to go for high sugar and fat snacks in late mornings.


Breakfast also restore our glucose levels, a carbohydrate which is needed for the proper functioning of the brain. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve your memory as well as your concentration and it also keeps you happier, reducing the stress levels. In studies among children, breakfast can improve attainment, behavior and has been linked to good grades. As every other organ of our body, brain needs energy to work.

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Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince, And Dinner Like A Pauper.-Adele Davis

The need for energy depends on activity levels and life stage but mostly men need more energy as compared to women. Growing girls and boys aged from 7 to 10 also need some serious amount of energy. And this energy can only be provided by eating a healthy and nutrition rich breakfast.


Breakfast can also be made special if ate together as a family when possible. Parents and elders should try to establish good breakfast habits in childhood and maintain them throughout the adolescence as it is an important factor in reducing preponderance of breakfast skipping and developing good eating habits that last a life time.

So, breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Happy eating.

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