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End Dengue with LED 45 : Campaign To Prevent The Dengue Fever

Children turns vulnerable to DHF. Children rated susceptible to DHF due to the activity of Denguemosquitoes carrying dengue virus (Aedes sp) is active in the morning until noon when the children were still in school or playing, so they have a high-potential bitten by dengue vector. Thus the need of empowerment for elementary school students in order to know the dangers of dengue disease and how to prevent it, so that children are more alert and able to protect themselves from the bite of Aedes sp and keep the surrounding environment in order to avoid potential mosquito breeding places.

The LED 45 program or “Let’s End Dengue 45”, is a junior entomologists agency formation program for preventive efforts of DHF in children. It is a realization of Student Creativity Program, which funded by the Indonesian government. The aims of LED 45 are :

  1. To improve children’s knowledge about dengue and its prevention.
  2. Raise awareness from children about the transmission of dengue fever in school.
  3. Provide the ability and skills for children of elementary school to prevent the dengue fever.
  4. To create the generation that conscious about the danger of dengue


The main programs of LED 45 held during April – May 2015 in two elementary school named Sambiroto 01 elementary school and MI Miftahul Ulum 01 elementary school, which both of them are located in Semarang, a capital city of Central Java, Indonesia. It consists of eight session. The first session has content about  introducing materials about dengue, modes of transmission, symptoms, treatment, the importance of preventing dengue, as well as how to prevent the dengue fever. The second session is to introduce about the life cycle of the Aedes mosquito and its breeding place. On this occasion, the team of LED 45 also bring props such as in the form of larvae, dried egg, pupa, eyedropper, magnifier, and mosquito toys. The content of third session is about introducing of the types of dengue prevention and how to survey the larvae. The last session is about outbound, conducting surveys larvae in school bathrooms, games and then the inauguration of junior agent for LED 45.

(report  : Fathin from Indonesia)

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