Can You Buy Happiness? By :Faraz ahmed


Can You Buy Happiness?

Humans wait all day for it to end, all week for Friday, all month for Salary, all year for summer, all life for happiness.

But now the wait is over as Happiness is just a sip away. Coke Bottle sums up all the love people have for their loved ones. This fizzy drink is playing a major role in bringing a smile on people of all age by introducing a number of ground-breaking and attractive ideas. The current innovative ideas include the “Share a coke with –“and fusion music show known as Coke studio. Coca-Cola achieved the goal of infusing happiness in the lives of people of different color, caste and age as the overall pursuit of happiness is same for human race. Coca-Cola embraces the idea of sharing happiness and respecting different cultures. The Bottle celebrates human diversity by bringing new ideas to the society. No matter what, this Company never forgets its happiness mantra.

Coke has breathed new life into 2013’s after a fruitful Share a Coke campaign. They came up with new TV ads presenting coke being shared among the family members, friends etc. A massively expanded selection of names plus other identifiers on coke bottles were written – such as Ami, Bhai, Dost, Music lover, Fankaarz. The Share a Coke campaign was rolled out to more than 80 markets in 2013 and it has increased the drinking frequency of individuals as compared to previous years. Coke as a world’s biggest soft drinks maker raised the volume of products sold in 2013 because they trapped the Pakistani market with an emotional appeal. To promote their brand name company started name branding its product i.e. ‘Swapping our name with yours’. In this way individuals can have their name or anyone they want to share a coke with on the bottle. As a result of this strategy millions of people all over the world have been able to not only enjoy their preferred drink, but also have one that literally has their name on it. For small kids, there’s nothing more rousing than finding something with their name on it. This makes them feel that it belongs to them. This feeling brings happiness to people of all ages as this scheme does not target a limited customers. Moreover, it creates sense of affiliation in human beings. With the world assembling to the Internet, the way people get connection with friends has started to change, and, it would seem in many cases, the more we talk to friends online the fewer we see them in real life. For this reason Coke needed to adapt to this altering environment and needed a campaign that would inspire people to connect with the brand both online and offline. Coke jumped into real conversations and reminds people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with, or has yet to meet by writing most popular names on the coke bottles. Coke included a hashtag with this campaign, encouraging people to go on social media to take pictures with their personalized drinks and tagging it with #ShareACoke. Not only does this help to start up conversation with the chance of going viral, but it also gives the brand free advertising all across the world for such a huge brand. Even the people who don’t like coke started sharing it because there’s something inborn fun finding your

name on such a huge brand packaging. Due to this campaign Traffic on the Coke Facebook site increased by 870% and the Facebook page grew 39% and the attitude towards coke was claimed to be positive by the teenagers.

The most popular music show in Asia is “Coke Studio”. It was started in 2008 and by now it has become one of the well-liked musical series. Generating Brand awareness in developing countries like Pakistan has always been a challenge but this platform was actually a masterstroke. These TV studio sessions include one of the best Rock stars and classical musicians of Pakistan. The main target of amalgamation of the Coca-Cola brand with the social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube and Twitter) is achieved. This is a platform for the artists to promote themselves while the Coke brand stands in the backdrop. The free streaming and downloading of songs provide the audience to enjoy fusion music at home. The fusion of music helps in celebrating different human cultures on one single platform. Thus, results in broadening Coke Studio’s audience all over the region.

The extra-ordinary idea of promoting happiness among people leaves a very positive impact in a country going through extreme unrest. Coke is not just a soft drink anymore but a source of buying happiness and sharing love among humans.

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