If you have to go out tomorrow on a party or a wedding or any other special event but you have got so many ugly looking pimples/acne on your face just a night before ,that made you so worried about your beauty and skin.OMG now what to do? .This is the right place for you where you can read the following tips and get rid of your acne/pimples:

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• First of all, you need to get a towel and run it under the warm water. Put it on the pimple for at least 10 minutes. Ensure it is very warm water, however; it will open up your pores .You can also take a quick shower in case you don’t want to do the above-mentioned method ,the steam will also unlock your pores. After this use some Benzoyl peroxide, as it is the best option to shrink the size of acne. NOTE: use this technique in the night only.

• In the morning, now clean your face vigilantly. Apply a gentle and good cleanser as well as cleanse your entire face thoroughly, however, don’t scrub your face. After cleansing make it certain that you moisturize your skin correctly by an oil-free moisturizer.

• On a clean face, you can begin your cosmetics. You can decide to apply a primer if you want.

• Now it is the time to apply a concealer on your pimples. When you are picking a concealer to cover your blemishes, pick a thick formula which is, truly dry and utilize a little pointy concealer brush to cover it from all points. It is the best advice to utilize a cosmetics brush with a goal that you can get into all the gaps that your finger cannot. Try not to brush across although dab the concealer onto your little spots instead, next, tap your finger on top to set. Apply a green based concealer corrector followed by a foundation to neutralize redness. Try not to pick a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone or you will simply convey the message that you are attempting to conceal .Concentrate on the pimple only and not on the surrounding area. After you are done covering up your skin you can now blend your skin, though try not to touch the actual spots.

•Lastly, apply little loose powder to ensure that it remains hidden and the makeup doesn’t slide off the pimple’s oily or sleek surface. It is good to utilize an eye shadow brush filled with powder.

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