Can a small business owner be an entrepreneur???

Entrepreneurs in a very simple term mean doing your own independent business and be your own boss. They take risks, invest in a lot of time, effort and off course capital, and allocate resources. Not everyone is an entrepreneur however, this does not mean that one can’t be an entrepreneur but some say they are born entrepreneurs.
If the person is a risk taker, adaptable, persistent and have s sense of business ethics. Then you are an entrepreneur.

Now the question arises .Can a small business owner be an entrepreneur?
To answer this tricky question, one should evaluate both entrepreneurs and small business managers/owners. One should also determine the meanings of both of these terms. Different people provided different definitions for an entrepreneur .However, the dictionary definition defines an entrepreneur as ‘A person who engages in the business venture, usually with some personal financial risk`. Under this definition, a small business proprietor could certainly be categorized as an entrepreneur. However, this definition only takes into consideration one trait of the entrepreneur, which, according to other sources, does not depict the big picture. Risk-taking is also one of the main characteristics of entrepreneurs; one cannot introduce novel ideas into the workplace without an element of risk. Therefore, risk-taking is one of the most distinctive factors between entrepreneurs and business managers/owners. Managers often do not take risks with their businesses as they struggle for safety and stability whereas entrepreneurs have to take risks to grab opportunities and maintain their entrepreneurial ventures. However, the main purpose behind starting your own business is actually profits for both of these. Whereas according to some scholars, good entrepreneurs are those who begin a small business initially then expand gradually.

So to cut a long story short. Following are the factors which make an entrepreneur distinctive from a small business owner:

An entrepreneur is a person who is the inventor as well as an innovator.
An entrepreneur always takes initiative and is problem-solving.
They have strong communicating power which can inspire people easily.
They always try to grab opportunities even if they are faced with some challenges they take it positively and views them as an opportunity, not a threat because they are optimistic.

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