Cartoons of 90’s, Taught Life Lessons

I was sitting and watching cartoons with my baby cousins, five and eight years old, when this thing hit me that cartoons today are nothing like the cartoons we watched during our times. The cartoons during the 90s were full of messages and more entertaining than the ones we have on T.V today. It makes me sad to see children watching cartoons like keymon ache, Ben ten, adventure time and many more that hardly give out any positive message to the children. One other set back is that now we have the hindi dubbed versions of cartoon channels due to which somehow the true essence and the message of the cartoons is being lost. Though technology has revolutionized since the 90s still I feel that the cartoons during that time taught us a great deal of life lessons. Cartoon network telecasts all the 90’s cartoons after 12 am, and since most of us stay up till sehri time these days what else could be more entertaining than living our childhood again? Some of the lessons are:


scooby doo

Scooby Doo: Scooby Doo was the most thrilling cartoons of the 90’s. it gave us the message that there is no such thing as monsters, it is sometimes human beings who divert from their paths, forget their goodness and become the monsters for the rest of the people around them. It also taught us that no matter how scary and dangerous some things might seem you have the courage to face it. So don’t fear from dark rooms or scary creaking noises.

baby looney

Baby Looney Tunes: Oh Boy! Don’t we all still love Baby Looney tunes!!! All those adorable babies taught us new lesson in every episode. Lessons like, how to work together and support each other in the time of need. It actually taught us basic virtues like saying thank you, accepting your mistakes, telling the truth and several other basic lessons.

tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry:  The cartoon that makes us laugh till our stomach starts to hurt. Though to some it might be a little too violent but it also teaches a great deal of lessons. It teaches us that intelligence and wit are not a measure of the size of an individual. You can still survive in the world no matter how small or big you are. Just use your brain a little in every situation out there .It also taught us that every individual has something good inside them a quality that makes them different than the others.


Rugrats: another all time favorite carton was rug rats! Rugrats taught us to be kind and friendly with everyone around us. It taught us that bullying others is wrong and it will never help you feel good rather it will prevent you from making friends. No one likes rude, selfish and arrogant people.

 ppf girls

Power puff girls: A cartoon full of feminism! It actually taught us that yes girls are heroes too! Also that how every day they did all their regular routine work and yet saved the day for their town, just like what us women do everyday though the nature of crime and evil may be different in our situation but hey! We still are very super! So all the men out there, be GREATFUL!


All these cartoons created a sense of awareness in the children of the time. They were not only entertaining us but actually teaching us life lessons and showing us the difference between right and wrong through all that humor. If you get a chance, do turn on your T.Vs and relive your childhood, you won’t regret it! P.S: it is better than watching those silly Ramadan transmissions!


By: Aimen Saleem

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