12 Apr 2017

Brain Drain An Untold Cause Of Regression In Pakistan

In the developing world like Pakistan, young professionals are migrating from their homeland to favorable geographic regions  after acquiring skills and higher education. It has become one of the serious issues faced by country these days. In last 31 years 45,000 registered professionals have migrated to other countries Pakistan Overseas

07 Apr 2017

The Prevalent Dilemma of Choosing Right Subject

Excuse me for being hypercritical! This time i am going to pinpoint a serious issue prevailed in students but it is as neglected as internet explorer in Desktop computer. The issue which our youth is victim of from decades, It is none other than choosing appropriate subjects wisely for career

03 Feb 2017


After reading the title a question comes in mind, what is self-improvement? Basically, it is a process of inner change, adopting a positive mindset, getting rid of negative habits, and building new, positive ones. Self-improvement presents you with new opportunities, opportunities that come when you are ready to take them.

13 Nov 2016

Education System: Flawed or Flawless

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about how much we wanted to study before getting a job and settling down. Being a curious person about my field of study I said, “I’m at least going to complete my PhD” at which she laughed and said,