Anxiety and Depression; The Causes.

Do you know what causes anxiety and depression? Do you know what’s the root cause of your anxiety, gloominess, stress, sullenness and depression?

Panic stricken. Praying for the earth to open and swallow my being. No this is not depression neither is it anxiety. It is far less trivial but equally potent. It’s OVER-THINKING.

Do we talk about it? Do we consider it a mental illness? Do we take people who over think seriously?


My question? Why?

Does over thinking not eat away your soul the way depression and anxiety do?

It does. During everyday chores it is a nagging feeling that convinces you that you are not good enough. You are not wanted enough.

Thinking is good. Over thinking? Not so much. It eats away your insides.

We visit shrinks to tackle anxiety and depression issues. Who do we consult in the case of over thinking? It is usually the corner of a room where you roll into a ball and contemplate about life.

Why does no one really talk about this? Why do we let ourselves be sucked into the void and the nothingness?

Over thinking might not be a disease like anxiety and depression but it surely does lead to these diseases. Why not cure the root cause of depression and anxiety rather than waiting for it to bloom into something far more superior and poisonous.

Just four months back, I was alone and I had nothing else to do but over think. Slowly and gradually, that over thinking transformed itself into anxiety and insomnia. Somewhere along the line I fell for my thoughts. I fell for them so hard that now I am an insomniac who has no control over her thoughts and who gets anxious about every trivial problem.

This is where it makes me think that maybe this would have turned out a little different if I had done something about my thoughts, or if I had learned to be happy. But then again, some circumstances don’t really let you be happy, do they? The stigma of mental illnesses is very real and it is high time we realize that it is a problem and people suffering from these diseases are not just bluffing. it is a disease that affects dozens of lives every minute.

My request to you!!!

Don’t let your mind overpower you. Don’t lose the control of your thoughts. Don’t let yourself become one of us. You might think I wrote this to look cool or to come off as a person who loves being in misery and you might even be right. Or this might just be a work of fiction, because this is what we writers are good at. Disguising truth among fiction in a way that it becomes hard to differentiate the two is what we do best.


Just don’t let your mind over power you and learn to keep a track of your thoughts. Because if you don’t, you’ll fall into the pits of depression the way most of teenagers do these days. Something bad happened to you? Choose to ignore that for the dozens of laughs life has offered you to cover up for that. And have faith in Allah. Because He knows best.


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  1. August 18, 2017 at 12:44 pm — Reply

    Now a days the Anxiety and Depression is a dangerous issue. Mostly people face the Anxiety and Depression some of file problems are convert to Anxiety and Depression.

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