Celebrating Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi?

Its almost 12th Rabbi ul Awwal and the preparations for celebrating it are complete in almost all the cities of Pakistan. The question of celebrating this Eid is not our main focus here, as there are many views about it in diferrent Fiqaas of Islam today. The things that actually aroused me to write about it are totally based upon my own observations and opinions.


I have seen these preparations in two different cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi and Lahore. And many of the things are quite the same. We all are extremely excited about our Eid and there is no way I am intending to go against our emotions about it. But there are some things that need to be changed, either today or in the years to come.




There is a major trend of COMPETITIONS among people at both smaller and larger scales. The mohallahs are decorated with all the lights and glitter to show how much excited we are and how much we love our Prophet(S.A.W). Do you think it is justified to show our love towards someone by not acting upon what he taught us to do? Where is the reference that says pomp and show is Sunnah or something that our Holy Prophet liked? Many people cannot afford to do all this apparently *good stuff* and they are humiliated too. Seriously? Does this look like Eid to you? Not to me!




Naat competitions? Good idea! I like that! But wait??!? All these speakers and stages in the middle of the roads, blocking all the traffic, and not to forget all the music? Sorry to say but today many naats are actually based on the tunes of some old INDIAN songs, and I am saying this because I myself have experienced this! Shocking? Sometimes I hear a naat and its tune reminds of the song, one can easily compare the two just the lyrics being different. Some oldie goldie songs lovers are totally going to get it. Plus in one local area of Rawalpindi, I have actually seen boys dancing on the music of naats. Justify that to me!




The other day I was hearing to a khutba in which the Maulana sahb said that we are not allowed to pray on roads, because it blocks the path for the passengers. So how do we justify performing all these functions in the middle of the roads blocking ways? There is literally a huge traffic jam on some of the local streets. We ourselves do not obey traffic rules and create hustle for others and yet we are the ones who complain about the same? When are we going to change this attitude? Want to have a little function? Great! Why don’t you go for the bigger parks and other huge localities instead of blocking the ways of passengers?




There is specially a sort of competition among some of the influential families of the area about distributing food and they calculate how many *daigs* they distributed and how much *pure milk* they gave away. And that too to ask for forgiveness from Allah. Alright thats really appreciated, we should help the poor, but why only one day in the entire year? Why are these the same people who sell *90% watered milk* the entire year and on 300% profit? Why cannot they just continue the SO-CALLED GOOD DEED everyday? Okay we do not need you to destroy your business by lending all the *pure milk* free of cost, but atleast sell them on a reasonable price and for God’s sake sell milk not water! Follow the rules of trade our Prophet gave us! If you deceive people 364 days and ask for Allah’s forgiveness once a year by being very generous, and then start the deceiving again the next day? I consider their one-day-generosity  as a part of all the pomp and show and nothing more than that. I just gave the example of milk since I have personally seen many milkmen do the same.


The other day one of my friends posted  a photograph of the preparations of Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi in Satellite town, Rawalpindi. Every thing was decorated and all the street was lightened up but there were some people sleeping out in the cold on the same street. Only if they had saved the money they used for those lights and given them to those people or atleast buy them blankets or clothes?




My brother told me today that all the lights we see, many people are not even going to pay for the electricity. They actually steal electricity to light up their shops and houses. And not just one day, they do it all the time! Well, that something what our Prophet(S.A.W) would really appreciate won’t he?


There are many things that we can do to make sure we live in a peaceful country. We do not have to do all this stuff. Stay at your homes, recite Durood Shareef, invite your friends and family to have a Milaad, but for God’s sake do it peacefully not publically to show people what a good Muslim you are! Be a good muslim by following Muhammad(S.A.W.) in his footsteps, act on his Sunnah! All this glitter is of no good. 🙂

Stay blessed and happy EID! 🙂

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