CHARLIE CHAPLIN: Must Watch movies

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a Comedy in long-shot” -Charles Spencer Chaplin


Charles Spencer Chaplin more famous as his character “CHARLIE CHAPLIN” made mark in the world as Silent movie star. He is one of my personal favorite comedian. Charles got his talent from his parents as a part of legacy. His father was a versatile vocalist and actor, and his mother was an actress and singer. His early life is full of struggle and misery as his parents were separated and his mother got into mental asylum when he was a teenager. He has portrayed the misery in his work so beautifully that one cannot resist but laugh and cry at the same time.

Following is the list of must-watch movies of Charlie Chaplin!




The Circus

Written and directed by Chaplin himself, its the story of a Tramp who accidentally becomes famous with his amusing acts in a Circus. He befriends the step-daughter of the Ring-Master, who herself performs really well but is ill-treated by her father. He falls in love with the girl but she gets married to the new Tightrope walker. The movie despite of being really funny, depicts the hardships of the people working in the Circus…. the people who forget about their own poverty and risk their life to make the audience happy. It is a treat for those sensitive people who can see deeper to all that glitters.





Another master piece by the mastermind! Its again the story of a tramp who has nothing to eat and nowhere to go. The movie right from the beginning makes you laugh so hard! Well, the tramp befriends a drunken rich man while saving him from committing suicide. The rich man only recognizes him when he is drunk. Meanwhile, the tramp gets emotionally attached to a blind flower girl. The girl misapprehends him as a very rich person. He tries to earn money for her eye operation by fighting for prize money. He also goes to ask for money from the drunk rich man who forgets about lending him $1,000 after he gets normal. The tramp gets caught by the police after he gives the money to the blind girl. When he is released months later, he meets the girl again! A scene that always brings tears to my eyes!





Charlie brings up a child he finds on a street left by an unwed woman. After 5 years, Charlie and the kid-John become CRIME PARTNERS and the lady becomes famous and rich, who eventually has a change of heart and searches for her son. She announces prize money for the person who would bring her child. Charlie does not want to let go of John and tries to get rid of the people who make him do so. A hotel manager succeeds in returning the child to the mother and Charlie is left heart broken, dreaming about angels. Soon he gets reunited to John by the lady as she welcomes him to her house.





When the advancements in technology began, machines took over the human force and many were left unemployed. This is the story of a factory worker who is caught mistakenly in a riot. After he is released, he meets a girl who is also struggling to survive in the society. Together they make a great team working in various places and getting kicked out. They are ready to do anything to stay together and survive!





Last but not the least, this is the most controversial movie in which Charlie openly expressed his political beliefs. He played a dual role in this movie, one as Hitler and other as a Barber. It was a big deal to make a movie which ridicules the great Dictator of all times but he himself wrote, “I was determined to go ahead for Hitler must be laughed at.” Despite the controversy, the movie made a huge success mainly because the character of Charlie looked same as Hitler with his toothbrush-moustache. At the end of the movie, there is a five minute speech which was against war.


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