Cheers to Pashtoon Culture Day!

Cheers to Pashtoon Culture Day!

Today is a day to celebrate Pashtoon culture and its heritage. Since birth I have spent time with Pashtoons and know lot about them but due to shortage of time I couldn’t write much about it so I decided to go on with “Pashtoo Language” specifically. Though it’s a very concise write-up but one of my colleagues asked me to share my article anyway, with everyone today.

Pashtoons being quite rich in their culture, have a very rich culture and traditional importance on various grounds i.e language, customs, traditions, work, art, religion and festivals makes it different from other cultures practiced in Pakistan.

Latest research suggests that reza-afghanistan_11255_600x450language profoundly influences the way people see the world. If we start to find out about languages spoken in world we would be astonished by figures we get and will observe one thing that each of the language spoken has its own significance for its people but here I will talk only about Pastoons.

Countries like China, US and many others have made compulsory their own mother tongue in their respective educational institutions. As a result, they are at the peak of success and prosperity. In other words, everyone wants to speak and write his or her own mother tongue, but unfortunately our own much-loved languages have been neglected by our own people.

Most of us feel proud to speak English rather than our own languages. “It hurts me to say that our own language is neither being taught nor spoken in our own educational institutions. Every parent loves to send their children to English tuitions, but not for learning their own language.” Said one of my fellows; a pashtoon student at BUITEMS.

The mother tongue is the identity of a nation and if it does not exist, how can a nation survive? In addition, according to linguistics, after 50 years more than half of the world’s languages will be finished if they are not practiced. Every year, Pashto speaking people in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc all over the world, celebrate their cultural day.

It’s time for celebrating Pashtoon cultural day. September 23rd marked as the day of pashtoons and celebration begin. Over 65-Million people speak Pashto as their mother-tongue, and will be joining together to raise awareness of their common cultural roots, and to raise awareness of the importance of the heritage of retaining the mother-tongue.

Having many differences on several grounds, what pleases me is that not a lot is unique there in any culture that is why humanness is still there on earth, above all, LOVE is there on earth.

P.S: I loved this beautiful girl in picture.

Peace, Peace and peace be everywhere!


Yumna Iftikhar.

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar